Autumn in Ganymede by mapmaster

Autumn in Ganymede

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 26, 2002
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Artwork Description, the title has nothing to do with the picture. Or maybe?

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My goodness. "What armor should look like"? Sure it's pretty, other epi. guest, but that doesn't stop the fact that it wouldn't protect a snail from a bowling ball. . . much less a sharp sword or an axe or the edge of a shield jammed toward the stomach. In other words, it's decorative but very, very impractical. Sorry. I started to rant. It is a nice picture and liked it a lot. That review just startled me.

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wow ^_^ your work is what reminds me of what anime truly is!!! sigh i love it so much i could look at it all day!

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schön!Ich mags,nur den Bodenbelag find ich etwas unpassend,aber das ist ja Geschmackssache.

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That's what armour should look like!

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Hyaa Micheal!!
Really really good job in that one too!
Congratulations, talented!
Keep it up!! - ByE - Dchan

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one word liked the sith

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Really awesome abilities you've got there. Just don't become a Shirow clone, alight... He's nothing compared to what he used to be.

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wow! great job, love all of the detail. The shading and coloring is exelent!

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Really good work whit this..
Really good work whit the details..
Love this picture...

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Nice work! Love all the details- your coloring is excellent too. Your images give the eye a lot to look at and appreciate. My only critique would be the foreshortening on her right leg seems odd. But overall a fantastic image.

Art at its best.