dropping the past by akeyla

dropping the past

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 22, 2004
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Artwork Description

How much can you change if you want and are recognized as doing so?
A lot.
Dropping the past colors, the scars of the past, the memories, the anger, the hate, the love, the happiness and become new again.
Maybe this time try it another way.

This dragon has decided to drop its outer rough scaled and spiked skin, the skin that before had made it a monster everyone feared and disliked.
Its going to try again from the very start.
It will be our decision wheter we accept its new beeing or make it back into the monster it was before.

Fully made with polymer clay. The blue upper part is made with inlaid blue clay, quills and shedded skin are translucent polymer. Height: 12 inches

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This is so amazing on so many levels Shock I really love it - it it's something you can really sit and look at for a long time - and with the description - I think it a piece that you could come back to and look at over and over and get something out of it every time. Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen...

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Neat concept, though it looks kind of slimy... I must say that all of your sculptures are expertly crafed, you must be very pleased with yourself. I once made a clay claw footed bathtub that later met the kiln in an art class... let's just say that it's not where anyone can see it. Anyway, kudos to you and I hope you continue, I can see that you're very passionate about this. Neila Vims

Art at its best.