Desecration by goldenwolf


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Added: May 24, 2003
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This is a raise of the hackles to those who have desecrated my art, my spirituality, and my love of wolves. I bare my fangs at you.
It is also a general statement about the desecration of native spirituality by those who are ignorant. Every piece of jewelry or decoration on the wolf is from a different tribe around the US, representing, in essence, all tribes of native people.

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Totally... awesomely... awesome! Shock

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I know you dont need it, your skill speaks for itself, but I definatly approve of your wonderful drawing and you get much respect for that from here on the Whitehead-Moore Shoshonee Reservation, Chire AZ.

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AHH! I hate you! lol talented ppl suck, I wish I could draw like you, I know I know you hear it a lot but geez! It's so not fair... all I can draw is people or realistic objects. Animals aren't really a speciality of mine but I wish it were!

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it's ok but the mouth seems kinda weird looking. other then that it's AWESOME

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Christy i love your drawings. and i envy you like there wont be a tomorrow. Wish i had your drawing talent. about all i can draw are dragons and a few anime ppl i like. Not Werewolves like you can. For that i bow to your superiority. *bows low with a grin*

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love thr wolf if the girl's a troleshe's great too but if shes an elf she's got huge ears their practicly bigger than the wolfs

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very nice. i know how you feel.

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christy - no matter what is done about the 'idiots of the world', nothing will change them, but i am thankful if this wondrous piece somehow helped vent your beautiful soul of its anger, though well-deserved... having to keep it contained may have deprived us of future art from your hand, but which we are now all so privileged to enjoy. brightest blessings to you and yours. Smile -tony

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I can relate to how you feel. Thanks to the posers popping up here and there I cant think of anything but a big animal in a loin cloth when I hear "werecreature" and I'm called a poser because I wear jeans.

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Actually, this was finished somewhere around the first of the year, and it was my last sort of "blow up" at the idiots in the world. I'm a much happier person now Smile

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Holy... Damn good! Smile

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I have a feeling I know sort of what's up behind all this "desecration" stuff, but not knowing the artist I can't be sure, I suppose. ...Basically, I agree with Amy.

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Goodness gracious - not much grey area to *that* statement, is there? LOL I'm not sure what happened to warrant such a response, but I'd say you've illustrated your point beautifully. Lovely detail work as always, particularly on the fur texture and feathers. I'm sorry someone has upset you to the point of making a visual rebuttal, but at the same time I like what you've come up with in cathartic reply. Well done Christy!

Art at its best.