The Falling of The Rain by susquehanna

The Falling of The Rain

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Added: Oct 07, 2002
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Sometimes, umbrellas just get in the way of a good rain.

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Neither of which bode well for me as an artist I think! The original line art was a few hours over two days, and was only the faery herself. The image itself was a week that I spent mostly on the faery, and then added the background at the very last. Two years later I reopened the file and changed things based on what I learned talking to some of the artists in the Epilogue forum, and uploaded it here. I may yet open it a year from now and change something else!

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ooh how pretty! the fadingness makes it look all cool. I wish I could do that..*drools* How long did it take you to do that?

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I only meant masochist in the nicest way ^_^. Sometimes when you show others your art for critique, there's a bullet proof quality to taking criticism (Go on! HIT me! I can take it!) because you really want to know what's wrong, what could be improved, and do better the next time around. Those days I'm not feeling bullet proof, I'll hang onto my stuff until my kevlar vest comes back from the cleaners ^_^

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You've got some very nice composition and movement going on in this pic.
P.S. and I am not a masochist....yet....I maybe I am....sorta....kinda, at least when it comes to getting feedback about my drawings that is, not in the other way, Uh, you know what I mean! ^___^

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Hi yourself - I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for letting me know! The drops are my favorite part too.

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This image had been lacking something, but after all the suggestions, I added a faint blue wash to the layer containing the faery. It took away some of the darker qualities of her skin tone (which I didn't like) but did give her a less plastic look that agreed more with the background (which I did like). Next time I'll try and get both of those things working together.

Thanks so much for your seggestions!

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Hi Judy! Yes, I definitely remember you - I'm so happy to see all the great new pics in your gallery here! I don't think I'll ever look at my african violets the same way Smile

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Hey, Donna. You might remember me from Elfwood. We were neighbors in the gallery. Smile *goes to see if there's any new art*

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Very nice....lovely rain effect...color is great and I see you understood what I meant by work...hope it gets siblings soon.

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Oh this is beautiful I love the way you did the background and all the water drops its amazing and so full of fresh rain! Brilliant work!

Art at its best.