Khmer Apsaras by chutap

Khmer Apsaras

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Added: Oct 28, 2002
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Based on a photo I took of a relief on the wall when I went to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Let me explain the title to you: Khmer is what the Cambodians call themselves, and Apsara(Apsorn in Thai) is something equivalent to "celestial nymph" in English..??? But I don't really know how to explain. Its done in watercolour and a teeny weeny bit of gouache

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darksarcasm8's picture

Beautiful work! I love their interesting poses, and their beautiful ornamental dress. A very cultural image... and I like it... Awesome work=)

blackwidow's picture

Or at least thats how I know you as^_^ Tis' BlackWidow from Art Attack. I miss is so I've been speanding some time on here. So much wonderful stuff. I think i am going to try any submit some more art here and see what (if anything) makes it then ask for some tips in the message borads. It's so good to see your work again^_^

chutap's picture

are you serious?!?

Guest's picture

I love this it's really different, and I'm so glad you chose one of the least risque carvings that are on Ankor Wat. Some of them would never be allowed any were but an x rated site Smile

chutap's picture

i hope you can get into Epi soon and anyway..watercolour isn't that hard. why does everyone say so?

chutap's picture

hello hello!!! i have been to your gallery before but never commented Smile im also very much inspired by enayla. Kulbongkot is a Thai name. Im a thai living in singapore. hehe terimah kasih for your commetn Tongue(no i don't know any bahasa hehe)

dareevan's picture

You have a quite unique name. Kulbongkot? Is it an oriental Singapore name? I like the the ornament. Reminds me of Bali's ornament and dancer's face. Smile

Guest's picture

Absolutely fantastic, watercolours is such a dificult medium to use, and you've definately mastered it. Congrats.

somerset's picture

Great stuff! amazing and atmospheric colours(love the hand light), the two ladies look very elegant and exotic, their faces are beautiful, lots of fine details like the jewellery and the headdresses make this a lovely image

chutap's picture

thank you so much!! esp. for appreciating the background, although i think its not the best idea, for me. I reaaly love Mana too, heheh, i've never heard Illuminati but i guess i'll download it sometime.. my best song is Beast of Blood

chutap's picture

thank you so much Eugene!!@!......yes...the glowing, thats exactly right, you know, at first i tried to make the background the same as the walls on the photo but i didn't know better, oh well.Tongue, guess next time then.. thanks so much for commenting!!

naddy's picture

Welcome to Epilogue Kulbongkot! The faces on these two women are beautifully done. I also like there outfits & headdresses.

virage's picture

I really lvoe the two womans' faces, they are beautiful! And I feel liek the background goes well with the figures, it helps to pull the entire picture together rather than having just two object floating side by side. The shadowing/ shading on the right's headdress is really well done also! Eeeeee! and you're another Malice Mizer fan! ::glomps Gackt and Mana:: Illuminati is the best song _ever_ ::giggles insanely::

Guest's picture

Glad you're in! Don't be so hard on yourself. You took on a challenge here I think because you are translating that wonderful sculpture into living color. The details in the adornments I like a lot. I'd like to see more of the richness of the shadows and highlights of the orignial, they seem flat to me. I also am missing the gentle sway in the bodies from the relief, and would like to see them placed in a more vibrant and celestial space and not against a gray wall of pattern. Lastly, the glow (lotus?)could really be used as a singular light source adding drama to the piece and more unusual shadows and modelling of the figures (shoot yourself with a friend holding a candle and you'll see what I mean). Keep in mind my aesthetic/color sense fairly Western and may be inappropriate. Nonetheless a truly original piece. Captivating gaze and regal poise.

Art at its best.