Waterfall by robcamp


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Added: Oct 18, 2002
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This one started as an oil painting. I painted it in 1994 and left alone until recently. I scanned it and imported into Photoshop. I completely repainted it over at 400 DPI resolution. It took months to finish, due to my slow computer and not much free time. The final result looks 100 times better than the original oil painting.

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This piece is reminiscent of Boris Valejo. However, in my singular and miniscule opinion, this piece is better than any of his. Here is why: A)This woman is more realistic B) Her satin cape/cloak(as so many have commented on) is not something you will ever see Boris paint. Unfortunately for him, he has much to learn from you. Ah well you know what they say, "you can't teach and old dog new tricks." If I haven't already said it, this piece of yours is of high quality and your fans should expect nothing less from a skilled artist such as yourself.

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Oh my goodness. I love this painting and saw it years ago. I always wondered who did it. I believe it was on someones page of images. I think it was one of the first works I admired when I got on the internet. I remember it so well after at least 5 years of not seeing it again. I finally found you....This time through a post in the forum on favorites...wow...on to see what else you have done.

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this is beautifull!!!!!!!!!! I love the setting, and the form is so so natural, wonderfull work.

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absolutely beautiful.I like your influence of artists.keep up the good work!

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i have to change my e-mail address i know...... i would like to say i love your work i love art i draw to but not that well i would like it if you wrote back have the sub. as dani can you draw vampires?

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This piece is so amazingly beautiful, i can't believe it. I've never seen anything like it. Well done, well done.

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What a difference from Soul Eater. Glad to see you have not a different style, but different degrees of emotion.

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Thank you for the warm welcome guys. Fortunately I have since updated to a better computer (it's a monster!). Now my creativity is finally free from the chains... now the only thing left that is so slow is my technique. It takes me way too long to get things done. Mhh. maybe it's because I am perfectionist.

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I love the realism!! The cloth is amazing!! Just...wow...how is this possible!?! Patience is the key, huh? The addition of the little fairy is great. Nice warm light source at the top as well. And the mist surfacing above the water is just...great attention of detail.

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Wonderful skin tones- and the satin is well done too. Very impressive. If you used a photo ref, did you shoot the image indoors? I'm really starting to pay more attention to the photo refs i take- they really seem to make the image. The lighting in this image is wonderful. Did you set up the lighting? or is it natural lighting?

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Absolutely stunning! Perfect textures and light. Someone should by you a faster computer so we can see more.

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This is so beautiful! Awesome work!

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Roberto, welcome to Epilogue. You are very skilled in drawing, composition and color. The result is beautiful work!
looking forward to seeing more.

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That high resolution on a slow computer? You must have a lot of patience! ;o) Great work!

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Just looked at the old one, the new one is way brighter and crisper, but the old one looks more organic, more natural, and less "processed" so to speak.
Maybe if you just upped the brightness and contrast on it.
What I'm saying, I guess, is don't give up on oil painting, it still has it's advantages. Wink

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Slow computers suck.
I've got a 200 mhz computer and I can't stand it anymore.
Pretty soon I'm going to buy a 1.7 ghz computer for around $500.00 with an Athlon processor.
Ahh. then life with my Wacom tablet will be so much better.
Beautiful painting by the way!

Art at its best.