The Aftermath by periadam

The Aftermath

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 20, 2002
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This is a revamping of an old image of mine which isn't posted. This new one is rough, but it's far more evocative... I think so anyway.

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I've always looked for battle scene images, epic battle scenes Etc. Your is one of the best I've seen or that was to my liking. M'hm, M'hm.

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to be oblivous to what great art can be, but now I have finally found great art in which you have drawn for my pleasure and for that I thank you

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Wonderful! I love "calm before/after the storm" pictures, and this one is one of the most beautiful I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing it! I found your gallery through Adele, wonderful stuff you have here!

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i really like the coloration! very atmospheric!

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Hm, very powerful and evocative, indeed. Great pose, and I just really like the placement of the birds in a totally brown sky; the pic just wouldn't be the same without them.

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Wonderful stuff!

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it's nice to see the link for the original image there as well. i definately think this version is a step up!

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very moving, it captures the essence of surviving... and toll of war. I really love it.

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i love the silloettes of the figures.. has a sad weight to what had happened.

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After the dust settles, a lone figure stands contemplating the horror for which his own rage has responsibility. Awesome work! I love the color selection, the mood, the dusty/foggy composition of this image. Great job!

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very nice, i agree with the above comment, theres alot of mood and atmosphere in it. again, very great work.

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I love how this image conveys so much with just the silhouetes. Very very well done. Striking mood and compositinon. Nice work.

Art at its best.