The First Encounter by periadam

The First Encounter

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 22, 2002
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Artwork Description

This is the first good look anybody (including me) has gotten of Madrime. She was one of the two dragons present at the creation of the world. Then she had been beautiful, but in time her greed and jealousy corrupted her and she changed in to what's pictured here.

This is Tavari's first meeting with her. He's a bit less scared than maybe he should be. I've been trying out new looks for him. He's a bit like a hoplite here.. just replace his weapon with a spear and that's what he'd be mistaken for. I might keep this one for a while.

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forestrogers's picture

Really marvelous... very strong!

rita's picture

this looks so cool!

jaguarx's picture

This image has a certain quality to it that draws my attention above others. It reminds me of Bioware's style (Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights) with something else in there. Quite nice.

aragorn's picture

One of those you are glad that random image brought up. I was bored having passed through lots of the same, but this piece grabbed me. Very nice.

Guest's picture

Hey, good job . . . I enjoyed looking at this one. When I first saw it in your gallery, I thought-- Hmmm. Gandalf and the Balrog . . . but it turned out to be something different. Wink Were you thinking of that when you drew it?

Guest's picture

Tavari looks great, a true pillar of strength. Madrime is chilling, while still kept mysterious. One of your best!

mya's picture

This is lovely - great sense of scale between the characters, and I like the way that there are only bare hints at the detail on Madrime's face; the horns and great shocks of hair really work well, she seems undeniably evil. The lights from her eyes and mouth are very well painted as well - excellent image!

Art at its best.