If Only He Were Real by ironiclyevil

If Only He Were Real

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Added: Oct 26, 2002
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*sigh* I guess this barely qualifies as anime..I'm not that big a fan of drawing anime but i do like to watvh it..hehh..I'm aware of the fact that the anatomy is some what off ,but I don't care.

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Is this human?

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this is my favorite drawing of yours. keep it up! Smile

btw, i have a classmate whos name is also Oksana; she emigrated from Ucrane (sp?) hm, i never thought id come across another american who has that name. oh, the wonders of the internet! ^_^

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I like the compostion...It brings out a nice mood. It's like being inside a dream or something. There's truth but no logic. I like it!!

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very own your style!

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wow. my mind is crying awe. i wish i had such talent to draw my own saviour. is that an 'om'?

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Your drawing technique is very cool
(is your age really 14?).This is amazing.

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you are extremley talented, in my opinion. Keep it up girl, and dont listen to any one who tells you diffrent. The whole "must look thing is bolox, just draw the way you imagin it, not how poeple tell you.
Love Dark-Rose xXx

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Weird in the most better sense!!
Keep it up - ByE - Dchan

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If you look closely at his left arm, you'll notice it's coming apart. Assuming I'm reading the artwork properly, I think it's fairly safe to assume the artist is saying "If only he where so I could date him", I believe she's referring to the picture to be a story something like Pinocchio where the doll wants to be a real human. Hence the name "If only he where real." Atleast, that's my interpretationg...

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wonderful style! really great drawing. the dynamics/tattoo on chest..hair..all is wonderful Laughing out loud
Oh by the way, i've been looking for this a long time! that symbol on his belt, what does it mean and where is it originated from?

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That's really awesome! I love your style! Put up more drawings, please!!!

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If he were real, he would have serious muscle problems... His arms are to thin.... other than that, impressive...

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Wow, thats great. I just did a drawing in pen and ink. Wasent too swell. I think ill stick to pencil and scrach board. Your drawing is great. love the shading.

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The hair and face are really well done. Very interesting sketch.

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Your lines have a ton of energy! Good job....

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I love all your pictures, you have a very distinctive style [imho]. just curious how you get the ink that color, do you use pens w/ green/orage/red ink, or do you tint it in photoshop or something? it makes the drawing purty. lol. anyhoo, hope to see some more stuff from you, don't really have any crits since it's a style all in it's own. And i really love how you shade (cause i suck at pen).

Art at its best.