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At Peace

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Added: Jan 06, 2003
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Done for my high school's magazine cover, it's a contest by the way which I won.

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isenho's picture

cool! Montage everywhere! I thank you

kyrn's picture

Huh, that's odd. My high school in MN had the same name for our arts magazine:) This is really nice. I love the detail. Can't believe you're this good and in high school!

isenho's picture

yo Gutomo. I have Spawn comics, Todd McFarlane and company are good. Lots of detail.

gutomo's picture

Hy Denny, I give you an advice wich you can inspire if you like comics.Take a look at Spawn comics.The magazine is very cool and with a lot of details .OK?

isenho's picture

thanks a lot guest!

Guest's picture

you are a very, very talented artist! keep it up, denny Smile

isenho's picture

ooo cool man. Seems to work well with your paintings. thanks Wink

jeremiassen's picture

Hey, it's me again.. Smile Ever tried scanning bigger drawings in several parts? I do that, actually all my drawings and paintings are normally scanned in 3 or 4 parts, then put together in photoshop.... You loose alot of quality the way you do it.... :/

isenho's picture

woa! Not only did it go through scanning , I first had to photocopy this down to an 8.5x11 sized paper so it can fit in the scanner! That's why. Thanks for the comment!

jeremiassen's picture

Great compo, nice details, over all a great drawing but a little fuzzy... bad scan?

isenho's picture

thanks James for the comment! I have some new stuff on my site, some new sketches. I do have A LOT of compositions and concepts planned and in thumbnail forms right now, all going to be done in color pencils! but right now im FORCED to do a cubism project for (ugh!) for art class so some new stuff might come in a month! Laughing out loud

somerset's picture

Hi Denny! I missed this one first time round, well this is marvellous, I'm a great fan of the Pre-raphaelite paintings and drawings and this one's got that kinda feel to it, lovely details and classic composition, now! the question....when are you going to do more?

isenho's picture

thanks you Scott. disciplined? lol, maybe i was so disciplined because i really would like to win the cover so i worked hard on this one. hehe!

star-rat's picture

Beautiful work, wonderful sense of design. I wish I was as disciplined as you at sixteen.

isenho's picture

thank you Tom for dropping by! there are some more artwork at my personal site. hint hint Wink

portalrun's picture

Great work Denny,and very impressive composition, am looking forward to seeing more...

isenho's picture

well I dont know yet, they announce everything about a month before the magazine/book comes out and this comes out in the spring time. thanks for dropping by!

Guest's picture

That is some compositioning.. It looks great.. Im especially fond of that background... gorgious! Did you win?

isenho's picture

thanks Bjorn! I'll be 16 in 1.5 days! woo! Laughing out loud

panzersmurf's picture

Hi there Denny! This is very good! And you are only 15! Wow, keep up the goodwork!

isenho's picture

thank you patrick, quite something coming from you! Wink

megaflow's picture

Spectacular! I only wished I could do that well when I was 15. A very nice design, with accomplished rendering.

isenho's picture

thanks Bill. im considering of going to SVA, or AI in chicago because I live near Chicago. Laughing out loud

bcorbett67's picture

You're 15!!! well you're definately going places if you draw this well Smile

isenho's picture

thank you o so much Mayavan. i love detail, i obsess over it, lol

mya's picture

Great piece of work, Denny. I really like your pencil technique, especially the way you leave certain areas white, then go into detail in others. The little things, like the hare, and the bookmarks are really well done.

isenho's picture

thanks Terry, colored? hmmmm I tried to color it in Photoshop but i have a mouse right now so it was bad. heh.

frodo's picture

Nice work Denny! about a colour version...

isenho's picture

Yay Steve! good job figuring that out. tho as you can see in the "second view" i didnt include his cape, because if i did, the horse would be blocked! Laughing out loud

sferris's picture

Oh I saw them. I wonder how many will notice that the scene is depicted twice!

Art at its best.