Freedom by isenho


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Added: Jan 10, 2003
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Submitted in for contest at high school. It won first place! There's a story in this drawing, very similar to a clasic children's tale...

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darkling's picture

Details, details, details. I love details! And I luv this. Beautiful!

isenho's picture

Thanks for the nice words Uwe. I still have a long way to go, must work hard. O yes!

j-art's picture

just saw your age - now i am speechless - really - your talent is amazing - pleaze never stop doing your art, one day you will be one of the greatest - by the way this is a outstanding pencil work - my highest respect to you - way to go

isenho's picture

thanks Marilyn! glad you enjoy the hard work I put into it! Laughing out loud

blueunicorn's picture

This piece has so much detail in it! A person can't just take a quick look at it. I can see so much and each discovery is keeping me looking for more. Excellent work, Denny!

isenho's picture

thanks Marisa, your kind and encouraging words rocks!

darksarcasm8's picture

Hey Denny=) This is ever so awesome... Ill be on the look out for you, for sure... That you even have enough patience to be able to do something like this with att the detail is already remarkable... And youve obviously got loads of talent to boot... =) Keep it up!

isenho's picture

Alisa thank you! Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Another glorious picture and yes! it has a story. The rose is just beautiful. This is done so well *claps wildly* ~Ailsa

isenho's picture

color it? woo i might have to do that digitally. Smile maybe. thanks for droppin' by

dareevan's picture

I like how you Make the overall. It looks very captivative. I wonder if you could color it. That would be better ithink. ;p

isenho's picture

thanks a LOT Ric! wonderful kind words, thanks

rquiroz's picture

Hi Denny you stopped by my gallery and I wanted to see your work. I want to let you know you are truly a very gifted 16 year old. Keep up the great work! I went to your other gallery and the work there is just a good.
Take Care

isenho's picture

Yo Paula! woo, kind compliments! thanks a lot. Laughing out loud
you flatterer!

paulab's picture

Hi Denny! You visited my gallery and I'm returning the favor- this is still my fav. pic of yours- I love the detail in the roses, and I lover her shoes, the hero's helmet, the birds, her dress... well, the list goes on!

isenho's picture

thank you James! your kind words are greatly appreciated indeed

somerset's picture

Excellent! puts me in mind of John Bolton, very nice details and the figure composition is lovely

isenho's picture

thank you very much mike! yeah the story is very similar to that of Rapunzel!

michaelapice's picture

This is really nice work. Great composition. I love the story telling here.///mike

isenho's picture

thanks Christoper! i went thought a lot of changes in my thumbnail sketches, all the time making the composition look better. thanks for droppin by!

christar's picture

You have amazing talent for someone so young. You must have spent a lot of time designing the composition before you finished this drawing, it's very intricate.
Great castle designs too.

isenho's picture

thanks Anouk! kind words from a good artist. Laughing out loud awww

Guest's picture

I especially love how you designed 'freedom' those words at the bottum.. Great detailing and background.. love those flowers they make it very elegant... i like the dress to, great folds and shading..

isenho's picture

thanks Marley. your at west? dang, im at east. lol, eh!

thanks for the kind words!

thrax-1's picture

when you reach my age[22]youll be a freaky force to be reckoned with.i never really found myself till about the age of 18.but it was never figure work,more freakish landscapes,with excesively detailed creatures.i will post once i get a bloody scanner :/.gj btw.i also responded to ur comment.

isenho's picture

thank you liptak, the composition itself took some thinking and modifying Laughing out loud

mermalior's picture

Well-designed pic! Everything is in its place...

isenho's picture

yes "nameless" one lol. thanks!

Guest's picture

HOLY CRAP! You're 15?!?!?! You're great!

isenho's picture

thanks David! ill be 16 on the 23rd, get my driver's license! woo. lol, thanks man!

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