Two Deaths by isenho

Two Deaths

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 08, 2003
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My first time rendering in ink.

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gutomo's picture

When are you going to post something new? Smile

isenho's picture

thank you thanks Mark. Smile
I am so grateful for your nice words.

lockett's picture

This is my favourite of your excellent gallery so far. It has a great depth and lovely composition, I also like the fact it tells a story. Very nice work Denny.

isenho's picture

Thanks Holger. Glad you chose this one

mangalore's picture

you have some nice pictures. This one is my favourite. Great detail. Nice work on the pose. You were a bit shortworded in my gallery. was that intended or did the comment system mess up?

Keep up the great work and keep it coming! Smile

isenho's picture

hi marisa. Don't you worry, I'm working on them right now Smile Glad you like this piece!

darksarcasm8's picture

Hey Denny... where ya been, Im still waiting for your new stuff;) This is awesome... Im loving all the detail... and how it tells a very clear story... a very touching and tragic story at that... Youve done a great job on this one.

isenho's picture

emily thanks! You'll get there. You're pretty good for your age right now!

emilyjzb's picture

Wow! I hope I can do something this good when I'm 16!
The details are gorgeous, and I'm especially fond of the mountains in the background.

isenho's picture

thanks Madeleine. I did do some inking before, but that was just going over the pencil lines without any rendering Wink

maddie's picture

The detail and composition is absolutely amazing -- hard to believe that it's your first time with ink, you've drawn a gorgeous picture! (I love the tree's foilage!)

isenho's picture

Lauren I thank you! you are all so kind

Guest's picture

This is absolutely breathtaking. I have to agree with the others, the composition is fantastic Smile

isenho's picture

hey Tom! thank you very much for pointing those out.

portalrun's picture

Awesome composition Denny, you really see the character and grave above ground, tremendous detail and rendering, and the falling leaves are a nice touch, they very much give distance to your sky backround..great job...

isenho's picture

thanks Per! story behind this piece? hmm, lol sorry, there is none, though that would be an interesting idea... Laughing out loud

fingolfin's picture

Thanks for your comments. This is some really great work, and it looks fantastic for being your first time inking! The shadows and composition are just perfect. I'd very much like to hear the story behind this piece;)

isenho's picture

thank you Steve. Great compliment! Laughing out loud

hidook's picture

When I look for really good art, I always look for the same things...concept, composition, drawing ability and've got it all in this! Keep em coming!
Take Care!!
Steve Hidook

isenho's picture

thanks Leo! its ok with the postings, thank YOU for taking your time to reply! Laughing out loud

leowinstead's picture

Ah... You can ignore the fist message. I was going to say your handling of the medium is impressive for someone so young, but hit post comment button to soon by accident. Ooops!

leowinstead's picture

Nice work. Excellent handling of the medium.

leowinstead's picture

The ink work is really good in this piece. Your handling of the medium is impressive for someone.

isenho's picture

thanks a lot Ailsa! im glad you like this and you like the little "story" here! Wink

Guest's picture

Oh, this is so beautiful! There's just so much detail in this. And, I confess, I love pictures with a story or scenario in them. It's like a captured instant. Ooh *shivers* love it!
~ Ailsa

isenho's picture

thanks Stan and coming from you that's something. and the composition, i tried to get a circular motion going, if you can see it. it's counterclockwise. hehe. thanks again!

swisnie's picture

Denny, excellent composition. I can definitely see a style emerging. Looking forward to seeing future work.

isenho's picture

thank you James! thanks for the kindly words. well the clouds look better in the original version because i used such thin lines for them that most of the lines didnt show up thru scanning. eh. glad you like!!

somerset's picture

Great image Denny! lots of fine details here, love those clouds, nice solid foreground and composition, lovely!

isenho's picture

the first reply! woo! thanks mr. corbett. this was for an art project for high school. and you can count on it that i will post more!

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