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Smash 'em All

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Added: Apr 08, 2003
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For my high school's tennis t-shirt. Hey! I'm on the team!

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isenho's picture

hey thanks Marisa. lol, you really think this is the best tennis t-shirt ever? You're too kind

darksarcasm8's picture

Hey neat! Ive been playing tennis seriously for about 6 years now... went to Saddlebrook, and all those places... now Im playing on a Div I college team (Great way to support your art, btw... the school pays for everything;)) And I can honestly say that I have never seen a more kick ass shirt design than this... even though Ive seen and worn at least 34568973469876 of them.... AWESOME!

isenho's picture

thanks blix. if your school's mascot's a knight/lancer, then that would be perfect. If not, still cool!

Guest's picture

yes........... I should try and get my tennis coach to put this on her wall. heh.....

isenho's picture

thanks! hmm, do you think you want those tennis balls, they can't bounce!

Guest's picture

Really nice work on the armour. Any idea where I can get one of those tennis balls?

isenho's picture

ah thank you Min! Hmm, I think they are very happy to have me, one of the coaches later on in the season gave me a new grip for my racket. was in the color pink tho...Wink

Guest's picture

Dude! This is an awesome illustration for a shirt! Does your school know how lucky they are to have you?

isenho's picture

thanks a lot Bill! Want to see more stuff? Sure!!! Laughing out loud

isenho's picture

thanks a lot Tom!

bcorbett67's picture

Really nice shading on that armor Denny, nice pencils overall. We really need to see more of your stuff!! Smile

portalrun's picture

Tuff tennis here,Denny,excellent action and rendering on that knight,the detail is great...

isenho's picture

lol, woo! thanks for checking my stuff ouy. good to hear your adventure is finished Wink

chutap's picture

glad that you've found me!!! i thought i was the only 16 year old in Epi until you ran to me.. lol
i was on a quest to find another 16 year old in Epilogue and here you come.> happy now Laughing out loud my quest is fulfilled

isenho's picture

i remember you kat! cool, your into tennis as well. thanks for checkin' out!

Guest's picture

Kat. T.
Remember meh?? I love this drawing cuz i'm in the tennis team too...but then we don't have cool T-shirt like this...hehe great job. Did u draw Legolas yet?? I did, but didn't scan it yet. Hope to see more of ur arts. Great job.

Art at its best.