Two Killers by isenho

Two Killers

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 28, 2003
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First time realistically finishing a picture in colored pencils. For an art project, the teacher wanted us to relate something organic with something mad-made!

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forestrogers's picture

Such an interesting perspective and composition... and you worked the coloured pencil beautifully...

Guest's picture

Denny Roxors my Boxors

isenho's picture

hey wassup Rafal. Glad you like this piece, and yes, I am a fan of the limited palette!

mcf's picture

excellent design and technique here! I like the palette too, good stuff Smile

isenho's picture

Greg from study hall, art expert...right...Anways, thanks for liking my stuff!

Guest's picture

This is fabulous Denny. The tones are a joy to look at. Nice Job.

isenho's picture

Thanks Marley. heheh, we have the same birthdays. Thank you for the kindly comments!

thrax-1's picture

hhmmm,Submittede on the day of me 23rd birthday,and i missed it >:P.This is fluppin fabulous denny,amazing detail and most of all tonal value and composition.Well done m8.

isenho's picture

hey allen. thanks. colored pencils are fun to work with indeed.

allenp's picture

this is an incredible example of how great colored pencils can look....nice stuff

isenho's picture

thank you Sinne. and o yes, you'll see more! Wink

darksarcasm8's picture

Oh man this is awesome! You have executed the idea perfectly... and the background is stunning! Great work, and I cant wait to see more!

isenho's picture

ah thanks a lot patrick! The teacher kind of liked it, not really sure.

megaflow's picture

Hey, Denny - I haven't looked at your gallery in a while... This is a really nice one! Your art teacher must be proud - you've got all the basics in place.

isenho's picture

hey thanks a lot really! The title is similar to my other drawing "Two Deaths" now here comes "Two Killers!"

blueunicorn's picture

Just excellent, Denny! The perspective is amazing! The title is perfect. And that snake is almost alive! I can't say it enough.....great job!

isenho's picture

thanks liptak! yeah!!!!!

mermalior's picture

Maaaaan! What a cool idea!

isenho's picture

thanks a lot Cara! my teacher wanted me to do something abstract with this piece, I think I did some of that. Wink

caramitten's picture

Story telling, attention to detail, AND one heck of an imagination! Way to go, man.

isenho's picture

Bill you make me flattered. Smile thanks for dropping by so soon!

isenho's picture

Thanks a lot Sean! You're too kind Wink

isenho's picture

yeah the scale mapping is really hard. thanks for the nice words!

bcorbett67's picture

Always good to see something new from you Denny. You've done an outstanding job with those scales, the overall composition is really good - nice one!

pageaxe's picture

I like the perspective on this Denny and the snake-sword-hilt is very cool!

portalrun's picture

Excellent!! colored pencils Denny,like how you have the sword handle blend into the serpent, also very good detailed scale mapping, they can be a pain, but you handled them well...great job

Art at its best.