Zebbycorn Mother and Baby by darksarcasm8

Zebbycorn Mother and Baby

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Added: Jun 12, 2003
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After seeing my Zettys, a certain member of my family wanted to "hire" me to do some "cute" Zebra like creatures.... so here it is=)
(I shall be getting some nice oil paints in return) Wink

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I think the reason they look sad is the light in their eyes and where it's positioned, as well as where they have their eyes focused, not really on each other but somewhere else. As for the hooves, they are slightly small but also appear (to me) as shaped slightly wrong.

bcorbett67's picture

They're so mournful looking, like they were about to part - very touching.

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Very very touching.. That look in their eyes.. Well done.


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wow nice shading on the zebras. the background sure looks time-consuming...Laughing out loud

darksarcasm8's picture

I agree with you that they look sad... although I really dont know what a happy Zebra would look like? Hehe... Thanks again for all the wonderful comments!

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This is so cute, eventhough they look sad, almost crying.. i love the red/orange background against the black and white zebra's. great rendering!

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Very cool but here is a suggestion.. The zebbycorn babies hooves are puny.. and its actually quite odd and gets to your head..

darksarcasm8's picture

Im glad you liked my Zebbycorns, dear guest=) My aim was to put a twist on the usual perception of a unicorn... And I welcome any crits anyone has on any of my work... so of course you were not rude to say that... however it would be nice to know exactly what is amiss about his little hooves? Thanks for commenting!=)

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Great! You'd never think of a zebra as a unicorn(zebbycorn)It's jsut wonderful, and not to be rude, but the only thing I find not very god about the picture is the baby zebbycorn's hoofs, other than that great job *holds up both thumbs*

darksarcasm8's picture

Nope=) Its a lot of blending and blending... then some more blending of... coloured pencil=) Then a bit of computer generated paint to cover up the wrinkles of the paper from going over parts so many times with my... coloured pencil;)

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Very cool...is that background done in chalk?

Art at its best.