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Added: Jun 21, 2003
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Together, they can fight off anything.

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darksarcasm8's picture

Ah, Bill! You must try them! Although it can get messy, and the drying times can be a bit nerve wracking, its totally worth it in the end.... ive dabbled around in just about every medium, but oils will always be my baby... I just love em. Thanks for the awesome compliment... and I hope to see some oils in your gallery some day=)

bcorbett67's picture

the colours are just great Marisa, and I envy you the use of oils (which to date I still haven't tried!)

kirsten413's picture

Hi Marisa,thanks for your comments.You seem to work pretty well with oil!Maybe you should try medium with oil,its a little bit more difficult and far more long but you will obtain those brilliant and transparent colours we can find in preraphaelites or romantic paintings.Write me if you need some advices!

darksarcasm8's picture

Thanks, James!

somerset's picture

Oh! I say! the eyes of this lady are awesome! so intense (and I thought it was snakes that had the hypnotic power!lol!) lovely vivid colours too! WoW!

darksarcasm8's picture

I keep on hearing about this Vallejo guy... I really must get around to checking out his stuff;) I see what you mean about the snake head... If ever I do another (what am I saying... of course I will!) I will certainly make him more detailed.. And the background... yep, I hate doing backgrounds as well... but in this case this is a close up of a rather large (well, larger than it seems, anyway) painting... The brown thing back there suddenly turns into some tunnel... and the wall is gold... (painted with my most loved ... and quite expensive.. gold paint... that was STOLEN!! Argh... I cried) And it really shimmers in the light... **sigh** Life just isnt the same without my gold paint... Oh well! Thanks for the comment, Chris!=)

christar's picture

There's just something about women with snakes that I find fascinating. Boris Vallejo drew a picture of a woman with a python like this too. You have a talent for shading, and I love your faces. I wish the snake's head were a little more detailed and brighter though, then it would be easier to discern. Also, maybe an indication of some furniture, a window, or some type of background, would really give this painting depth. (This is coming from someone who hates to do backgrounds ^__^). Great stuff, hope to see you post more!

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