Ghosts of Epilogue Series- The Beginning by darksarcasm8

Ghosts of Epilogue Series- The Beginning

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Added: Jul 01, 2003
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When you first look at the Epilogue Mansion the trip looks bit daunting, if not absolutely impossible. But in your heart you know it will be worth it in the end... so go ahead, just pull on one of Gerald's claws (Oh, and you don't need to be afraid of Gerald, he is really quite friendly, but he is horribly shy of strangers) and the gate will open. Keep in mind you may trip a few times... may fall flat on your face... and you may even have to start all over again... but you just have to keep on getting up and going toward the Mansion... It will be worth it in the end, I promise;)

*'Ghosts Of Epilogue' is my own personal way of thanking Epilogue and all the special people who help build and maintain this magical place. I have seen and experienced many wonderful happenings... artists improving dramatically, people continuously getting inspired... its truely great. So this is my small offering... and I hope only to make (at least some) of those very speacial moderators, editors, and staff members smile. basically this is my small way of making sure those people know they are greatly appreciated.

Keep your eyes peeled for more from the 'Ghosts Of Epilogue' series... I will soon be taking you through a tour of the Mansion, where we will be encountering some of the many spirits that haunt the place regularly;)

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darksarcasm8's picture

Better hold on, James! Its gonna be a bumpy ride;) Thanks!

Guest's picture

I love that gate.. especially the design of 'epilogue' in it - very subtle, very cool..

portalrun's picture

Beautiful design, and a very nice tribute to Epilogue....

somerset's picture

Ok! Marisa, the journey begins, I'm booking my ticket now! great imagery, great concept!

thrax-1's picture

great piece marisa,i too am just as patriotic to this site!!great idea,certainly is a journey and a half to get there.but its as you say!very rewarding!

luthien's picture

This is quite a unique way to say thanks! Your words are most appreciated.

Guest's picture

oh I love it! lovely way to tell a great "story"!!

Guest's picture

that's very thoughtful of you Smile i like how u captured the feel of us being at a gate and looking at a faraway place... it really does look dauting ! u've gotten it nicely

Art at its best.