Dragon and Spider by pixelhuffer

Dragon and Spider

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 31, 2002
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Artwork Description

Originally a pencil work, this image was colored digitally to enhance its mood. The setting is of the age-old conflict between meager and mighty.

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I love dragons that show power , just like this one. Bueaty and grace mixed with curiosity, power, and a sense of freedom. IT ROXSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh is he trying to be friends with the spider?

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very cool pose.

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i can feel the power of the dragon coming out of the picture. cool but freaky. what i don't get is the pointing of the claw. is he telling him tyo get lost or what?

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dude like i said before dragons rock i love this it shows power and curiosity in the same picture i love it u are a good artist

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this picture kicks so much ass

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Nice texture on the dragon and cute execution. The only thing, though...The anatomy of the dragon seems confusing. It may be the pose...or, I'm not sure. There's just something that looks off about it. I may be wrong.

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Amazingly cool...texture, lighting...but the head, as said before seems a little flat compared to the rest of the dragon, and the little guy (for lack of anything better to call him) is a bit hard to see...you make the dragon so huge and so strikingly visible against the rest of the dull colors, and the little bug is just not visible cause he's so dark in color. other than that, great work. =)

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Thank you very much!
Keep an eye on the gallery, I hope to post similar works soon (although the few that I have pending at the moment are just pencil works).

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Astounding... Not until I looked at your picture did I realize that it's true the value of lighting. What I like best about the whole piece is the background. I really like the overcast - it gives a good feeling of desolation. Excellent work, I love it!

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Yes, most of the texture was done with pencil. There are some highlight areas and color variations that were also done in Photoshop to add to the effect, since lighting can play such a critical role in an image.

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So COOL!!!How you did the texture??pencil?

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this isn't the first time that's been pointed out - I'll have to play with it and see where I can take it.... thanks!

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that twisting gave such a fit while I was working on it - was hard to get it to where I was happy. thanks for the comments! ~_^

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thank you!!

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Nice. I could almost feel the texture of the dragon's body. But it seems that its head could use more depth, it has more of a feel of 2d compared to the rest of the illustration.

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The twisting and turning of the dragon gives this picture such life and movement! Your colouring is also great, the textures looks so convincing.

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Great style and beautiful work- powerful and compelling. I love it.

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I want more.

Art at its best.