the four by thejeff

the four

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Added: Apr 19, 2004
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i have spent a little time at the museum lately, which inspired me to take on a classic subject .

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thejeff's picture

thanks much steven!

krazed's picture

Thats very awesome! love Death up there in the air lol he looks very creapy lovely, I like how you used humans has the four horsemen, first time ive seen it dont like that.. but it turned out great very nicley done keep em coming:)

thejeff's picture

thanks rita! you shopuld definitely do your own version, may turn out wonderful and will definitely be fun!

rita's picture

OH Jeff, this is so great. I just read lately a book (Terry Pratchett) and he said, first they were 5 (!) and he described them so well - would be sure fun to paint them... but probably not as good Wink

thejeff's picture

hey kay, thanks for commenting on this. the color scheme is my favorite part, and i am glad you point it out.

Guest's picture

Love the colors and emotion in this...Great old bones guy.

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thank you neven! the color scheme was important here, and i love that you find that it works!

neven's picture

Very cool. I adore the color scheme that sets the brooding mood of the image.

thejeff's picture

thank you very much stephanie! glad you stopped by.

puimun's picture

Like Karyn was saying, I really love the subtle tones of gold in the background! Looks great. Smile

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hey marley, thanks fer stopping over fellah! glad you like the changes made, and thanks for your input in the wip forum(i want to push the light/dark scheme in some works but not to the point where viewers with other rigs start losing the picture)i did indeed trim it down for compositional purposes. good eye mate;)

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thanks karyn! i think you are about right on concerning my palette on this one-i had just gotten back from a whistler exhibit when i sketched out the project:)

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hey uwe! thanks and i am looking forward to seeing your take.

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thank you ellen! glad you stopped by.

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Jeff: I really love the way you painted the big skeleton, and the subtle splashes of color you added--especially the way the gold and black meet on the horizon--reminds me of the palettes Whistler or Sargent used. And the lighting is well done too!

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ohthats cool - i am currently working on a four horsemen piece too - yours is breathtaking - congrats!!!

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oops sorry for the the posts below was supposed to be only one =( saying:
Riders of the apocalypse? Sweet looking love the death storm that is following

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Yea i guess it is fantasy afterall ^^.Its certainly come a long way since it was in W.I.P, seems compositionally more balanced now aswell was a bit skinnier wasn't it?.Love the way the lighting is cast on the horses and the horses themselves look stunning!.a very nice piece of art jeff.~Marley

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Very powerful. Marvelous sense of urgency and motion.

Art at its best.