one tough customer by thejeff

one tough customer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 07, 2004
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my first foray into sci-fi, done as my submission to a little contest going on between a few of us epi-peeps to create a realitic heavy metal cover. as cover art, of course, the piece has ample room for type, but i think it holds together on its own. it was tough to work outside of my style and content but very fun.

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thejeff's picture

hey, thank you sy shyng! yeah, she kind of telegraphs her attitude, doesn't she? i waited on a lot of tables, so i empathize with that little buggger as well!

aerythes's picture

This is really good work. The woman's expression and body language is so well done that the title of the picture will be conveyed even without that poor robot there. Smile

thejeff's picture

ha! i think i like this for the same reason- i am almost but not entirely unlike this character (except in my imagination!)

thejeff's picture

he he, thanks kay. i hadn't thought of it, but yeah, she does have that brand of self-contained sass!

somerset's picture

Ha what a wonderfully humourous piece, Jeff! the girls no nonsense expression is priceless! wish I could react like this sometimes, especially when I don't agree with the bill! LOL!

Guest's picture

Oh I love this...too cool. You gave her a real..."Kill Bill" feel.

thejeff's picture

ha(i just laughed hard enough for my cat to launch herself off my lap-ouch)yeah, it seemed that the focal point deserved a little extra attention. glad to have you stop by j.p.!

vengince's picture

ha ha cool pic Jeff not to be a perv or anything but I love the rendering of her nipples and her eapression is wonderful.

thejeff's picture

thanks van. stop by any time;)

van's picture

Excellent work!

thejeff's picture

he he, glad you like uwe! i tried to have a bit of fun...

j-art's picture

wow - thats spectacular, and what i like the most, it made me smile, love her expression and how additionally she shot the poor robot!!! - really cool lady - you did a great job here!!!

thejeff's picture

hey terry! i am glad you approve mate. i am off to peruse your gallery in search of new stuff. don't disappoint!

thejeff's picture

hi karyn. glad you like and thanks for the suggestions!

thejeff's picture

thanks dean! i can't wait to see what you(all) come up with. good luck yourself, muahaha.

frodo's picture

Great work! Jeff...

yadykaryn's picture

Hey, Jeff. Special effects look great! I love it.

sdeanbloom's picture

This is even better than the first version. Great job! Good luck in the challenge,enemy!!

Art at its best.