mr. bilbo baggins of bag end by thejeff

mr. bilbo baggins of bag end

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Added: Sep 03, 2004
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i was pondering who i might choose as an all-time hero, in light of the das contest, and it didn't take long to decide. there is truly more to this little fellow than meets the eye! among other things, he seems to have his priorities in proper order. here he is, enjoying a few of his favorite indulgences while dinner cooks, or is it supper? he seemed very proud of having a piece of furniture or two that could accomodate 'big people', so i painted him in his favorite chair of that type, usually reserved for a special friend, apparently off on an errand of some sort. you would have a very hard time believing the smallest part of the stories he told me until, that is, you looked him in the eye ( or his tidy little bag of gold and 'jools' ). i was ultimately so impressed with this little chap that by the end of my short stay i made him promise to send me a copy of his manuscript recounting some of his adventures. i can't wait to read it!

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thejeff's picture

yeah, that and a couple of scottish farmers i had reference photos of blended in for good measure;) fitting, i hope! thanks for stopping by.

carles's picture

Jeff, your gallery just made its way to my bookmark folder. Great work by all means. But tell me ... is there not a JRR Tolkien look to that Bilbo's face ... ? Wink

thejeff's picture

thank you so much, uwe! i will get a note to you mate, though your stuff knocks me out as it is.

j-art's picture

jeff!!! it seems you got what i want to achieve with digital medium one day - yours already have the feeling and look of traditional media - what brushes do you use - drop me a mail ore something if you have some time left, i really would be interested to know a little more how you achieve this wonderful look of your pieces!!! -
btw - besides from the technical skills, you really captured the soul of Bilbo - --- a really really wonderful work of art!!!!!

thejeff's picture

hey chris! glad you like and thanks much for the nice evaluation. yeah, i suspect the little guy would pick a shrubbery over a bush any day- unless it bore sweeter fruit than the ones in my back yard;)

thejeff's picture

hey bill, i just noticed couple new pieces of yours that look terriffic! yeah, it is a fools errand to try to flesh out a tolkien character if one expects to please everybody (it won't happen). the best i could do was please myself (and i stlill prefer the written word on this one).

thejeff's picture

terry, i was hoping you would notice this and comment on it! though i have done a couple 'tolkien-esque' works, this was my first overt attempt, and i am glad a tolkien guru like yourself approves! yeah, when my wife cuts my hair i trim my eyebrows so they aren't the longest hair up there;)

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hey marley! i have been trying to use a simpler pallette lately and yeah. painter is a treat. i originally wanted to do this piece in photoshop as a contest entry, but all the effects that come naturally out of painter i struggled with in ps, so i gave up and just got the thing done. glad you like, mate!

thejeff's picture

hey inge, where is that print;)
thank you, by the way!

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Masterful lighting technique dude! You are skillful and seasoned artist. Good 'Ol Bilbo, he just wants to appreciate the simple things in life, no need for oil wars or eugenics programs. lol.

bcorbett67's picture

Nice one Jeff. It's funny how we all see Bilbo differently, I guess it's the way our imaginations work, but I like your Bilbo at any rate Smile

frodo's picture

Very nice Jeff, you captured the very essence on mr Bilbo Bagins. It`s funny the way your eyebrows grows as you get older, I can nearly match that..ha!

thrax-1's picture

I keep studying the colour scheme in this jeff. I notice with painter there seems to be a lovely creamy aesthetic over photoshop. This piece works a treat in all respects. Very nice work thejeff! Laughing out loud.

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Wow Jeff... This is just wonderfully executed! Like the description too Wink

Art at its best.