battle in the lair of the swamp wyrm by thejeff

battle in the lair of the swamp wyrm

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Added: Sep 14, 2004
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sinew, steel and survival are served up in my take on the classic theme of man vs. beast.

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baylessiii's picture

Great picture! Fantastic movement and color!

thejeff's picture

i totally agree, varian - old swampy may have more than an even chance here!

thejeff's picture

hey cari, your comments are greatly appreciated! i am especially happt to find that you were drawn into the scene direcly, as that is a goal i have for all my work.

thejeff's picture

shoot chris, you are very welcome man.very glad to read your encouraging remarks.

yrindale's picture

This has one of those heroic epic feels to it that I just love. This is SO well done! Smile Thanks for sharing with us all

grimamentia's picture

I agree with Simon. What's really incredible about this piece is that it sucks the viewer into the scene. Both characters are beautifully rendered, but blend into their surroundings so as not to be overwhelming. I really adore your painting style. I can't believe that it's a digital work. Smile

varian's picture

As others have mentioned, I can see the Frazetta influence in this piece. But still quite distinguishable as your own style. Good sense of the action occuring, but I'm not really sure who will win this battle! The beast is wounded, but when he gets over the element of shock, the man might get a surprise of his own!

thejeff's picture

thank you chris! yeah, i thought it was time to honor the artists that blew my young mind apart and left me with a ceaseless impulse to build my own fantasy. yeah, i think you are on to something with the origins of the theme - very much a product of our subconscious i suspect.

Guest's picture

Ancient man battling the primordial beasts of his subconciousness, or maybe there could have been such a creature alive somewhere like this.
Great work. Definitely has a classic Frazetta, Boris Flavor to it. Great craftsmanship.

thejeff's picture

stop it uwe, you are making me blush man! you have the artist's eye, mate, so your comments really made me smile.

thejeff's picture

that is just what i was going for rita, and i am sure glad you think i made it. thanks for your nice comments!

thejeff's picture

thanks scott! yeah, i love that classic stuff, and wanted to try to do one of my own. thanks for popping in and don't be a stranger.

thejeff's picture

yeah, i wanted to pay homage to the stuff that turned me on to fantasy art in the first place. i am also eager to check out your new posts, so keep 'em coming man! about the skin tones, i think i had 5 or 6 gel layers of like 10% opacity so i could get those little color variations that you can't see but can feel(you know what i mean). hey, that first comment was my favorite-silence speaks volumes-ha!

thejeff's picture

hey michael, glad to hear from you. it definitely charged me up to know your workmates appreciated this one, and i am equally glad to hear you do as well!

thejeff's picture

thanks for stopping in christy, you are welcome any time. i worked on the dynamics on this one and really appreciate that you enjoy that and took the time to let me know!

thejeff's picture

hey james! glad you like! i am a fan of these heroic images too, but for one reason or another have shied away from doing more(that is no longer the case-expect a few more in the near future)

thejeff's picture

ha! many 'umble thanks simon!

j-art's picture

i can't tell you how much i love that traditional media look of your new postings - my hat's up to you - just look at those fleshtones those brushstrokes (and it really looks like brushstokes) - posing, composition, anatomy - creaturedesign - all just fabulous - jeff i think you really got it - you are fantastic!!!!!!!

rita's picture

This doesnt have that digital-look, more look like an old beautiful oilpainting Smile

sdavis123061's picture

Wow, excellent stuff Jeff. Great color, lighting and solid rendering. This has a very "classic fantasy" feel to it. Nice work!

megaflow's picture

Jeff - great lighting and Pulp-style action! I love to see your new work whenever you put it up. I especially like the complex hues of the flesh-tones in this one. (P.S. - sorry about the blank message earlier... I guess I was "speechless").

hythshade's picture

Excellent piece Jeff. I actually had the pleasure of showing this one off to everyone at work today. Suffice it to say it got a lot of ooohs and ahhhs!!!
I love it.

babs111's picture

This picture has a great classic look to it and a wonderful sense of movement and action. Excellent use of lighting too!

somerset's picture

Excellent dramatic work, Jeff! I never tire of this heroic kind of imagery, especially when it is done so beautifully! very real, I love it!

megaflow's picture
Guest's picture

Wow, I'd be outraged too if I found a naked man in my swamp. But what great colour and form. It's doubtless a measure of your ability that the overall scene is noticed before the artwork itself, as if it's happening right there in front of us. Great job.

Art at its best.