light elf, revised by thejeff

light elf, revised

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Added: Jan 19, 2007
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ok, i did some formal composition study to address problems i found with the original. i have taken into account several well-known compositional rules, such as the rule of thirds and the golden rectangle. i can live with this one;) old version:

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glows really nicely.

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thank you nameless one! much appreciated comment.

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I am very pleased to be on your favorites list, Sabra. I love your description, and it is virtually identical to the one I wrote as I laid this project out!

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Matthew, I wondered for a while as I was painting this if I was getting too delicate for consumption, but it is heartening to have you highlight just that aspect for your approval. Thanks man!

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rita, you are so nice!

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Pierre, I have a good deal of regard for your sensitivity and taste, and am very pleased to have made a piece that you like so much! Thanks for dropping that nice comment.

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now that is an elf, highly ethereal and not quite human but still holds beauty..Love both versions :)>

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if elves were ever real, this is how i think they would look like, etheral and almost alien like...and the eyes...they would see right through to your soul. awesome, awesome work, you've always been one of my favorite epi artists!!

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OMG, I love this Jeff! Such a beautiful affect you have achieved with the lighting. She is so delicately and beautifully painted, it really is a joy to look at. Wonderful stuff!

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I am always amazed by the light - in this or older version

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She is beautiful. But I loved the previous version too ! Whatever the version, this piece has really been among my own private yearly top ten pieces.

Art at its best.