Medevial court by mrauw

Medevial court

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Added: Nov 08, 2002
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This drawing was part of a kind of commission for a French RPG company.

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Le visage a une expression tellement réelle, c'est fabuleux ! Bravo et bonne continuation.

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wow the lady's facial expression is wonderful, this piece is really good. very touching.

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Wow! This is amazing. The whole expression captured in this one this is...Really fantastic. You can completely invision this conversation. This guy is flattering her, and the princess is flattered, and slightly rejecting him... or something like that. Anyways, keep up the AMAZING work!

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Thanks, Narges.

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Thank you, Jessica.
The "uncontrolled" aspect you're mentioning is probably what I like the most about watercolours : you can just let the colours blend,fade, and do all the work by themselves...

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Hi Mike,your work is very nice.I like it.

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wow, i'm speechless, you did a great job, i love the expression on her face..Beautiful!
have a sweet day! Smile

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Wow! This is a wonderful illustration, perfectly capturing the emotion of the scene. Great body language and composition, and use of the watercolor both controlled and uncontrolled!

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Thanks Jean-Marc.
Hum, I should have written "French roleplaying game publishing company".
My mistake...

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Thanks Marcela.

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Thank you Leo. The accuracy of the costumes comes from strong documentation...

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Wow, what can I say ?...
Thank you for these kind words, Anna. I'm flattered.

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Thanks M Dot.

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Thanks James. I visited your gallery a few weeks ago... you truly are a Master of watercolours !
So, thank you again for the compliment.

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Thank you, Manuela.
From time to time, I enjoy to do a subtle kind of illustration, with just expressions and feeling...

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This is excellent. But what is a French RPG company?

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aww, this is very sweet and cute. I like her bashful facial expression. Watercolor, ay? I thought this was pencil. Smile Oopsy, me! Great job!

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This is a very poetic work of art. The attention to the details and accuracy of the costumes are excellent. The poses and overall mood of the piece is very calm and pastoral. Your painting style really reminds me of Trina Schart Hyman's children's book art (especially her "St. George and the Dragon").

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Enchanting!Such crispy delicious sharp lines, and such soft chadows and shapes. I think you are a wonderfull story-teller and artist. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

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I have to agree- the detail and technique are great. but what really makes this interesting is the positioning of the characters- very lively. Nice work!

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This is a great illustration Mike. Not only is it excecuted beautifully but it embodies great emotion. I can almost hear their conversation. Wonderful work!

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Lovely expression on her face and his gestures are great, too. I like the expressions you conveyed.

Art at its best.