Misogynistic Fantasy Eats Your Face by rods

Misogynistic Fantasy Eats Your Face

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 13, 2004
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The second 'bug chick' sketch that I've worked up to completion. This is a cropped section of the whole, which I can't display here on account of its entirely gratuitous boobage, which would undoubtably scar your impressionable mind and lead inexorably to a life of sin, decadence, roleplaying games, liberalism and other such evils plaguing society today. Ahem. The 'full' version can be seen on my own site, if you're NAUGHTY enough to chance offence at the sight of a pair of the devils headpillows shamelessly displayed outside the appropriate forums; the marital bedroom or doctors office. But that said, I am happy with the way this cropped version looks, all closeup n stuff.

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I love it i can't take my eyes off of it. but some how looking at the bottom i feal like theres more!!!! love to see it!

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this is truely a fascinating piece of artwork!!! even if it was based of feelings against women (or something to that effect) it is still a capturing piece. i applaud u Rodney! great work!!

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Wow...to look in the eyes of the sweet lady is as if I would look in fire, blood and a lot of pain...but she is so proud. It is...donno...undiscribable...(my english is bad...)
Your Ariga.

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I think it's a power-thing. I'm guessing that historically, man-hatin' wimmens haven't been a cause for alarm for men, but it's harder to for a woman to ignore the attitudes of men who held power and could dictate how they led their lives. Now that circumstances are changing maybe someone needs to come up with a female equivalent....I know, contest time! The most interesting suggestion wins an set of steak knives! Or maybe a spank-mag would be more appropriate, who knows. Smile

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Great painting. I have always found it fascinating that there was a word created especially for men who hate women (mysoginist), but none ever created for women. Does our society's collective conciousness actually believe that women are incapable of hating men? I think more women hate men than mysoginists hate women. Just a thought. ^____^

Art at its best.