Avenging Elven Angel by rods

Avenging Elven Angel

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 06, 2004
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That's almost alliteration. I've always wanted to do one of those montage pieces with various characters and scenes from a story, or at least hinting at one. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of this pic, which I should be considering the time it took to even get it to this black & white level, lots of which was spent uming and ahing and not being productive, grrr. Oh well, pic completed for the meantime, hope you like it. And the most creative guess at the story behind it gets....I dunno, a biscuit.

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so the two western dudes in the left bottom corner have been sent by their king to negotiate for trade rights with this exotic, distant kingdom. They discover Wolfman (top left) who is of the DK (distant kingdom) and a servant to the Queen (center). Wolfman agrees to grant the Westerners trading rights if they help him ascend the throne. However the dude w/ his helmet off totally falls for the Queen and rather than kill her turns her into a raven (top right). Since the queen goes missing, the conspirators strike and there's a battle in the capital city between those loyal to the Queen and those loyal to the Wolfman and his western allies, who arrived in ships (not pictured). The palace burns (middle right). The vanishing of the Queen causes her favored condubine (bottom right) to think that the Western dudes murdered her, so he swears revenge. During the climax of the story, after much adventure and intrigue, the Queen manages to steal an amulet from the Wolfman which returns her to human form (pictured in centre). Whatever Hell To Pay to come will be featured in the next movie of the trilogy!

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I like that one, biscuit for you!

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The armor and details in the weaponry is really well done. I love her expression, too. I really like it - it's not the typical thing that comes to mind when you hear 'elf'.

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I like it. My eyes flow over the pic smoothly. Cool character designs. The area in the top right is a little hard to read at first, though.

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Heh, story. My guess: The two guys to the left lower edge are her former companions. There has been a fourth, but he was killed. Unfortunately, he was her lover and now she's ... angry. She swears vengeance upon all who had something to do with her beloved, former companions included. That's why the guy on the very left looks slightly afraid. He thought she'd never hurt them, so he took off his helmet, but has decided that probably she would. Seeking help he looks at us, the viewers, because there could be a strong Paladin among us to calm her down. The two in the upper left corner are truly at fault for her lover's death. Seeing what his deed causes, the wolf(/bear?)-headed one naturally is very happy. The other looks more like a sorcerer, so probably he tries to put a spell on her to let her remain in her current state of mind.
Err ... sorry for the long comment >.<

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I like the composition - the elements seem to work together nicely. The central character stands out despite all the other parts. The rendering is nifty too, with an effective combination of line and tone.

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I like it! maybe the guy with the wolfhead is a bit too much, but otherwise great composition, various detail, light. great work on the armor and jewelry too.

Art at its best.