Seagreen by patience


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Added: Nov 21, 2002
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Do these lovely mermaidens, sunning on a rocky boulder, spy an interloper amidst their private stretch of sea cove? (This image was created using watercolor, acrylic, pencil, guoache, pen and ink.)

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patience's picture

Thanks, Nedda. I sure appreciate the kind comments --please stop by again soon....

nedda's picture

Wow..This is SO gorgeous! It should be in a fairy tale book Smile

patience's picture

Thanks, Lindsey

Guest's picture

Wow, this is gorgeous! There are so many details and they are very well done! You put all those mediums together perfectly!

patience's picture

Thank you for your message and the kind words. Oof, it did take awhile --and not without a little 'hair pulling' on my part from time to time either....!

jinx's picture

My goodness. This is my first time looking at your artwork. I'm impressed! So much detail, must have taken quite a while to complete this piece.

patience's picture

Many thanks, Marilyn!

patience's picture

Thanks for the encouraging words, James!

Guest's picture

Hey - I made it! It was worth the wait! I love your treatment of the water and the expressions on the mermaids are fabulous. Just waiting for the unsuspecting sailor to snatch - oh, wait that maybe him right now.....

blueunicorn's picture

They all look like they are daydreaming. Of what, or who I wonder? I like this one too.

somerset's picture

This is what art is all about, getting the job done by using any and all means possible, maybe even taking liberties with a little bit of magic too, cause there is definitely some kind of sorcery going on here, your work is totally spellbinding, lovely mermaids in a lovely sea on a lovely piece of art,Brilliant! Patience

patience's picture

Thanks, Dan. Yes, for their expressions, I wanted them to look bored. Very bored -- except something in the distance has JUST caught their attention....

wolverat's picture

You did a great job of melding all of those different mediums. I like the expressions on their faces, very serene.

patience's picture

Thanks for the kind comments, Beth. It was nice of you to stop by! Yes, as you can see I am an intricate detail freak. Oh, and congrats to you on tieing for 3rd in the Duirwaigh art contest with 'Summer Oak'!

patience's picture

Thank you, kind guest! My mermaids are on the scaly side aren't they. And, they have 'fins'! Painting them was a lot of fun.

patience's picture

Thank you, Meredith. I played with that for a long time (quite a bit fiddle faddling until I was satisfied).

beth's picture

Such intricate detail! I love all the contrasting textures you've acheived from the fine hair to the soft floating clouds. Excellently done.

Guest's picture

Your mermaids are soooo exotic looking! Those scales are wild! You really know how to spice up a drawing. One more little detail like webbing between their fingers would really set them apart from the norm!

kyrn's picture

your wateris incredible! It has so much texture, and so do the rocks.

patience's picture

Bethany!! You goober! I fully anticipate seeing your artwork up here someday as well you know! Keep working, and thanks for your sweet comments. Love, Aunt Patience (p.s. Gouache is essentially opaque water color paint. Come over and I'll show it to you sometime Smile

patience's picture

You are so kind --Vera and M Dot. And I feel so very welcomed!

Thanks, Patience

vera-lucia's picture

i have seen all your works and they are stunning! I can see the influence of Josephine Wall in colours and composition. i am a big fan of her works (and yours). Welcome to Epilogue

toddm's picture

Great image- the detail is really wonderful- I love the texture in the water as well. Very nice!

Guest's picture

Wow. This is my favorite of the paintings in your gallery. Congratulations on being accpeted, or whatever. I can't wait to see more. Just one thing: what is guoache?
With love, your niece, Bethany

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