Harvest Moon by patience

Harvest Moon

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 21, 2002
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A mothly fairy creature celebrates the harvest season in dance to the tune of moon music with her frog friend. This image was created using watercolor, acrylic, guoache, pencil, pen and ink.

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patience's picture

Thank you, Maria --I enjoy your work also....!

elfies's picture

Just LOVE this one, very special and lots of energy in it.

patience's picture

Thank you for visiting. Please stop by again!

Guest's picture

Patience your work is wonderful the pictures are beautiful. Thanks

neothera's picture

This picture reminds me of old Russian fairytales I used to hear as a child. Great work. I love the frog, does he have a name?

blueunicorn's picture

This painting danced it's way right into my heart! Wonderful movement and color!

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bcorbett67's picture

wonderful choice of colors, and great style too.

patience's picture

Hi, Jessica --I can't thank you enough for your kind words about my work. I really wanted this one to appeal to children, hence the fun theme, colors, and line. It was a delight to paint, and I hope it shows!

patience's picture

Oh, yeah! Love color --gobs and gobs of it! The bolder, the brighter --the better I.M.H.O. (at least it was in the case of this painting!). Thanks, Amy!

patience's picture

Stan, it was so nice of you to come by my little gallery! And your comparison of this piece to stained glass is so flattering to me, because I absolutely love stained glass! Much appreciated --thanks!

Guest's picture

I like the vibrant style of your work. The color composition establishes such an effective mood, I felt it even as a tiny thumbnail in your gallery! Then I zoomed in and got all those great details to pore over. Wonderful! Love your signature too! Smile

heatherwind's picture

I love the bold colors to this - those rich, vibrant reds and blues really sparkle to me. Nice to know I'm not the only one who appreciates bright colors! LOL Lovely work Patience!

swisnie's picture

Patience, I like your style. It has a stained glass feel to it. I especially like the way you've handled the negative space.

patience's picture

My, I am so encouraged! I do hope to add more art soon, so be sure to stop by again.... Much appreciated, Patience

patience's picture

Wenche and Victoria, I so appreciate your kind words about my painting. I do love to work in bold colors and line.....

Guest's picture

The colors are so rich and vibrant! Truely the best thing I have seen on this entire web site. I will keep an eye out for more work by this artist. Best of luck to you!

weyakin's picture

This is rather fun! I like how it's so full of color and motion. It looks as if it could be in a Tarot deck. Nice unique style as well.

Guest's picture

Wonderful, great colors and movement

Art at its best.