Stretched Necks by mya

Stretched Necks

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Added: Apr 30, 2003
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The next day, the group gathered their gear and left for Tillcreek, but I wasn’t with them. I made an excuse they didn’t believe, and when night fell I wandered back up into the hills, and soon my feet had carried me back to that barren tree, where the brothers were waiting for me. A mere day it had been since we dragged them up there to that lonely place and strung them up for no good reason I could think of. Every one of us had known them for years, but that didn’t matter. Times were different now. People…needed things like that to happen.

Lester, who we’d always figured as the ‘younger’ of the two, had cried and shrieked like a baby boy, but I’d seen that before. It was Jacob that stuck in my mind, his solemn, scarred face staring at us with hate, such absolute hate in his eyes, like I’ve never seen in a human being. He didn’t make a sound, but his eyes said everything, like the silent, lingering voice of a dead man. “Don’t count on it.” It had said.

“Don’t count on me being gone for long.”

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Its creepy...and scarry...and hideous...siamese twins were always disgusting in my eyes...but then again i am a bit judgemental...i am seriosuly gonna have nightmares about relaly have an original taste hunny...if only my nervous system wasnt racked..i might be abel to show you up o.@

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oh wow.. that is just stunning black and white there.. -stares at it- it's a two headed guy! i didn't see that one at first.

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The little story with this is cool - I only just realised these two were siamese twins. I thought it looked like scrapperboard myself, but it's quite original all the same.

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thats a bloody interesting piece mayavan! I thought at first that this was a wood has that quality about it.

Art at its best.