The Psychic Detective by mya

The Psychic Detective

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Added: Jun 07, 2003
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Not a single word of her story makes sense. She kept it vague enough that she didn’t have to lie about anything, except that one part - where that little inflection in her voice when she said her brother’s name, tells me he’s anything but. I’d be a fool to say yes to her. Sure, I could be careful, I might be able to figure it all out, but her story’s not the only thing with holes; she’s got pieces missing, like someone’s been tampering with her. There are layers in there, little fragments that belong anywhere but in a person’s mind. And she knows I can see them – she knows that my gut’s warning me off, that it’s yelling at me to send her away.


There’s a look in her eyes that she isn’t bothering to hide. She’s seen things, things that even I haven’t. Women like this don’t walk into your office every day, women with frozen hearts and scars criss-crossing their memories. She’s dangerous, and I know for certain she’d kill me if it served her needs, but if she walks out that door, I’ll never see her again.

I need the money, true enough, and I can’t deny that she’s got me hooked like a fish, but the plain fact is that she’s stuck right in the middle of something bigger than I’ve ever seen, and, whether I’m playing into her hands or not…I have to know.

“All right.

I’ll take the case.”

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Guest's picture

Mr. E (Ethrel Essence) thanks you

tashta's picture

Absolutely wonderful old style wood cut feeling. Very nic. Rarely done so well as you've done it here, these days and you did it digitally! Awesome. And the narrative that accompanies it is not bad either! Smile

mya's picture

Cheers, Tom - 'nostalgic mystery' is what I was trying for!

portalrun's picture

Really cool stuff Mayavan, has that nostalgic mystery feel to it, and looks like pen & ink...great work!

drew's picture

Veeery nice. Was this for Danger Quest?

mya's picture

Thanks Marley!

thrax-1's picture

that is a very strong piece of art mayavan.i really like this style,it does look like a lino cut to me, as with your other the R,G,B colour palatte too Smile

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that looks soo much like carmon sandiego (not sure the spelling) from a popular ancient computer game. looks cool.

Art at its best.