Hiding Pambu by mya

Hiding Pambu

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Added: Dec 14, 2003
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The patrol-Hixil made a loud whirr, clicked a few times like a giant, floating insect, and then began a slow circuit of the hall, the floodbeam in its chassis blasting away the darkness ahead of it.

“The thing you have to remember is that they’re not actually alive,” said the voice in Pambu’s head, as he crouched hidden behind a pillar, “just constructs, you see; no feelings, that’s the important thing. Remember that, and you’ll have an easier time with them. And remember-”

“Yes, I get the idea.” Thought Pambu irritably. He didn’t like things that didn’t have feelings, that didn’t know how to be afraid. He didn’t like anything that had no concept of its own death. All of his tools and tricks were put to good use against the living, whom he could play like puppets, jangling nerves and fooling senses, but what good was the power of fear against a Hixil?

“Remember,” insisted the voice, “that they are more intelligent than you.”

The Hixil floated by on the opposite side of the pillar. It was engineering at its finest; self-sufficient, self-repairing, possessed of a neural shock appendage that could put even Pambu to sleep in a heartbeat, and tied directly into the city core, thereby sharing sensory input with every single machine in the Capital.

“It’s not intelligence,” thought Pambu, “not living intelligence, at least. It’s programming, and programming has boundaries. I do not.”

“Quite.” Said the voice. “Now let’s get moving. And for God’s sake, don’t let it see you.”

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I love Pambu. Leena

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Cheers Marley!

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hey thats neat mayavan.quite a different concept,although i don't think we'll see many pillar designs like this in the near future Tongue.Another neat creature design too,a lovely hixil it is! Laughing out loud.it's very original work mayavan!

Art at its best.