"Step into my parlor...." by fyregoddess

"Step into my parlor...."

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Added: Nov 25, 2002
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The quote that often popped into my mind as I was working on this drawing was, "'Step into my parlor,' said the spider to the fly". She is paranoid-schizophrenic, and goes around killing people because she thinks they're evil and out to get her. A delightfully evil character all in all.

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otsoiho's picture

I like this one. I do quite a bit of pencil work myself, and I think this a really good piece. I especially like the spiderwebs on the pictures border. It tops off the whole thing. Great job!

fyregoddess's picture

I don't like spiders either *shudders* well I don't mind them as long as they're not on me or my things...
Thank you very much though! ^.^

Guest's picture

U~uh, don't like spiders at all.. ~.~ but yet this image is great, esp. her grin. XD Like it. Smile

fyregoddess's picture

Haha yeah, her stockings are awesome. Ever since I drew this I've been searching around to see if there are some I can buy ^.^ heh, the cloak is one of the few I've ever drawn that actually looked realistic... lol oh well. I should hopefully have some new stuff up in a month, when I get my new computer.

fyregoddess's picture

Thank you very much! This, by far, is one of my best pieces ever- it took me a week to do, but well worth it. As soon as I get a new comp (in about a month) I'll be scanning in more of my work, hopefully to be put up here!

Guest's picture

Nice work, I like this character a lot - particularly the 'web stockings' - very sexy Smile I also like the movement in the cloak. Would like to see more of your work here, keep it going!

somerset's picture

Hello! this is lovely, very detailed and imaginative, the structure is nicely done and the figure is great, excellent! keep on keeping on!

fyregoddess's picture

Thanks Chris! This one took me forever to do, but it was well worth my effort in the end I think! Talk to you again soon, I hope!

chrisxavier's picture

Welcome to Epilogue Kristina. Glad to see you around. I like your pencil-technique here. You show great understanding for anatomy and care for details. Just the way I like it. And above all, she is enchanting and her dress rocks.

fyregoddess's picture

Thank you Andy! Smile

Guest's picture

As always, your character design is always wonderfully imaginative. The amount of detail you put both into the fine points of the drawing and the fine points of their characteristics are truly an artistic inspiration in all aspects. -A.C.

fyregoddess's picture

Thank you very much!

Guest's picture

Lovely.. especially like the web-border'

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Art at its best.