equals in life by thrax-1

equals in life

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Added: Nov 27, 2002
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a mixture of blue biro and photoshop. good and evil cannot get very far without one another

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thrax-1's picture

hehe ^^, Yea digital is an absolute blast neil, this piece and all the guardian images are from the same image, the next gurdian image is the original. Yep you should enjoy it. Although i had the added advantage of being taught how to use photoshop while studying. Thanks mate ^^.

neilbruce's picture

Stunning Image Marley, I’m even more amazed that it was done with a mixture of Photo shop and blue biro, I’ve really got to learn more about this digital stuff.

thrax-1's picture

Wow thanks very much for the lovely compliment paul. Congratz on your editors pick too, that was stunning :D~~Marley

pauldavidson's picture

You have a haunting quality to your work.
It's a pleasure to view your artwork.

thrax-1's picture

and thus Varian has reached my humble beginnings on epilogue. Im home woohoo!!. well i haven't had this sort of response at all. All my pieces. god 1hr 5 minutes of my life to try and respond( i blame the tv show 24 on at the moment). I can't thank you enough mate. i'll leave it here. cheers Varian!

varian's picture

The color is a real eye-grabber on this.

thrax-1's picture

ahh thats cool,thanks for that Inge,one of my pieces prior to joining epilogue.yea the concept came after i filtered my guardian image heavily Wink.Thanks very much!,

Guest's picture

For some strange reason, this picture really appeals to me... interesting concept, and the color palette is just amazing.

thrax-1's picture

yea agreed Wink.this piece,'guardians home world' and 'dark metamorphosis' are all from my guardian sketch which is the next piece "my second" along in my gallery.Thanks very much for all your comments christiaan.really really great *-).

caitmf1's picture

very grand and majestic; reminds me of maybe something that might find itself into a movie; i like how its also left to the imagination as well; great use of colours; ,marley; very different than your newer works;

thrax-1's picture

hey!the timing of your comment coincided with the timing epilogue went down for a week.unfortunately!,comments and artwork within a week to two week timeframe before epi went down have gone Sad.Including your really nice comment...utter bastard really.

Owell to let you know that i didn't delete your comment.

thrax-1's picture

Thank you Uwe Smile

j-art's picture

the colouring is just fantastic - wow

thrax-1's picture

Damb!! thats one franchise i despise now.the prequels have really killed my interest in the story.is it the battle between the forces that you are reffereing to?.heh,thank you for dropping in Smile.cheers.....Marley

Guest's picture

Thanks for your comment Marley I feel honoured Smile

I love the balence and design in this but it reminds me of Star Wars for some reason ? LOL!

thrax-1's picture

well its taken me about half an hour to get to this comment for replying.Been a week for good comments Tongue.

Now thanks for your comment.when i work on a piece,the message isn't clear until i Finish it!.It wasn't until i added the colour that this message was very clear.Thanks very much Marisa

darksarcasm8's picture

The design is awe inspiring... and I am really liking the use of colour to add meaning to your work... very nice, indeed=)

thrax-1's picture

thanks M. Smile

medge's picture

Wow! Love the colorz and the fluidity of the n. tire piece.

thrax-1's picture

FYI,this is the same drawing as "guardian",but heavily Manipulated.

dareevan's picture

I like it Marley! This one is very perfect describing bout dark and red??? hehehe I mean i like the white glow on the middle. It was eye catched me first.

thrax-1's picture

Well yes actually,its certainly not your average piece,with regards to creature effect and what not!!but thanks for visiting

veinglory's picture

A great pic -- takes some looking at.

thrax-1's picture

thanks marilyn:),thats a nice description.because really they are equals Laughing out loud

blueunicorn's picture

What an amazing piece! It's like the coming together of kindred souls.

thrax-1's picture

thanks kurtis ;D

niveus's picture

this is so awesome! I love how you miwed the sharp and soft edges together, just hightens the feel of good and evil.

thrax-1's picture
christar's picture

Interesting concept, extremely colorful design, I like!

thrax-1's picture

smiles Laughing out loud

Art at its best.