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Added: Dec 01, 2002
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initially just a pen sketch. i scanned into computer,this drawing,it also eventuated into "equals in life".yea i like the ambience of this piece.

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thrax-1's picture

Thats cool, Its certainly an oldy!. But i do remember freshly the feeling of painting those clouds, It was great fun!. Yea i had spent twelve hours already drawing with pen, which could explain the "dynamic" aspect?. Thank you again

neilbruce's picture

This is probably my favourite of yours Marley I think it’s your most dynamic piece. You really get the feeling that something's about to happen.

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Yea i did see very little colours in my life back then. it was sad really Sad. but thanks for all the wonderfull comments mate, i'm really happy and honoured to have all these. Thanks so much Varian!.

varian's picture

Wow, this is so artistically strong, what a great POV, and the monochromatic scheme works splendidly.

thrax-1's picture

aww T,T,thank you guest!!thats a great compliment,really nice one Laughing out loud. have a good one!~Marley

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Your work is awe inspiring, if i was an artist i would emulate you.

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Marley here.Unfortunately My old harddrive locked me out of c drive Sad. I suspect it was a virus.I btw am using my mates computer.So i brought a 60 gb harddrive only for my main board to gradually die.wont recognize any new hardware or anything,and its gona be a while before i upgrade too because of financial commitments X/.So no new art for a long time it seems.sorry Sad.Cheers marisa

darksarcasm8's picture

Very interesting perspective you have here... I like it! I love how youve got to look... REALLY look at your images to see whats going on... and its always fun trying to come up with some whacky story to go with it... Now all you need to do is get some new stuff up here... I know youve got some.. come on... dont be greedy, now;)

thrax-1's picture

thanks very kirsi,much appreciated.those storms are prevelant in my favourite sci-fi fantasy movies such as never ending story and enemy mine to name a few.cheers for your visit Smile

kizalon's picture

You have a very beautiful style! I like how you use colors. Like the darkness and kind a stormy feeling of your images:)

thrax-1's picture

ahehe wow!!there is really no need to be though i ashure you.Thanks for visiting Smile

anthy-lorrel's picture

Gah! Thats amazing.... *JEALOUS* I feel inferior.... u_u

thrax-1's picture

HAHA thats cool yoseph,glad you like it Smile

dareevan's picture

I'm truely stunning on this artwork.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks jo,Nice of you to come visit,cheers Smile

jozias's picture

I like the concept and the texture is amazing. Just beautifull.

thrax-1's picture

hey thanks tatiana,cheers!!

fauna's picture

I absolutely love this piece of yours! Once again-the concept is amazing, good play of volume/shape.

thrax-1's picture

HI there,thanks very much Laughing out loud

eilidh's picture

Brilliant, truly brilliant. I adore your concepts!

thrax-1's picture

hehe,thank you jillian, im honoured Smile

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I love it! What is it?! (kidding)

guess who just got added to my favorites list!!!

thrax-1's picture

thank you Smile

maura's picture

That is so cool! I like the perspective.

thrax-1's picture

actually i remember saying that i could not render as well as you and not that i couldnot render.besides this is a scanned sketch,with the horizon painted in Tongue.your worm painting is wicked and something a dont think i could reproduce Smile

Guest's picture

You're telling me you cannot render? LIES!
This is awesome - just - beautiful work Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

thank you erika Smile

erikathorpe's picture

This is wonderful, I love the pen strokes.

thrax-1's picture
mya's picture

That's a lovely piece of artwork. The whole structure at the bottom is great, just the acrhitecture of it, and the quality of the line work as well - very surreal and dreamlike.

Art at its best.