Plinth of Duality by thrax-1

Plinth of Duality

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Added: Dec 13, 2002
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im still learning with the Wacom tablet.i quite like this piece Smile

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thrax-1's picture

Thank you Natascha^^. Yes, Epilogue is my first website i ever submitted to!. I new nothing of deviantart or any other site like that. I gatherd this was your fav, seeing as you picked it on deviantart =D. Thank you very much for that kyena~~~Marley

kyena's picture

Marley hi!!! Laughing out loud

I didn't know you were on epi either but then I am still really new to all kinds of cg things and online galleries.

My favourite piece of yours btw.

thrax-1's picture

breathes***** almost there****so close*** there we go, Yes i have seen gregors image, they are superb renderings. lovely warm colour palettes to them. thumbs up Laughing out loud.

varian's picture

You really must check out Gregor's work ( if you haven't already seen it. Your styles are very different, but in this piece, there are many similarities. I love the particular blues used in this one, too.

thrax-1's picture

Hello ruta,thanks very much for the compliment Wink.have a good one~Marley

sredare's picture

So electric image I see here.good luck,best regards,Ruta

thrax-1's picture

haha,my two greenies eeh?,thanks annes!.

Guest's picture

Another great atmoshperic piece, Marley. Love the way there is movement and yet it is a very serene piece. Great work!

thrax-1's picture

thanks rachel Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thank you very much Amarilli,most of these pieces i have here are going in an exhibition as 1 off prints.aswell as some of my Traditional pieces(by means of medium).So hopefully people have the same appreciation for this piece as people do here Tongue.

Thanks again

ama's picture

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my gallery Smile
I loved your work, I love how it is on the line between figurative & abstract.
This one is the piece that fascinated me most, because of the colors & the shapes, but even more for how you rendered the different materials, light rays etc....event though the hue is the same for all the image, you gave the impression of so interesting and different 'textures'...
Very original work ! Compliments !!!

thrax-1's picture

Thanks there Ken,cheers for your compliment Laughing out loud

jeremiassen's picture

Oi, great gallery. I like the surreal touch to the art, wicked.

thrax-1's picture

cheer,thanks for popping back to visit,always nice to know when one's done a stunner :)ahahahaha

Guest's picture

Fantastic rendering here, you've done a stunning job Smile

thrax-1's picture

again thank you!

eilidh's picture

Oh my, this is just fantastic! *stands back in awe*

thrax-1's picture

Thanks bill Laughing out loud

bcorbett67's picture

I really like this one Marley, quite stunning. The light effect really works well.

thrax-1's picture

thank you guest Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

this is just gorgeous! never seen nething as breathtaking and beautiful as this - u have a lot of talent

thrax-1's picture

thanks,glad you like it Smile

erikathorpe's picture

This is absolutely captivating, beautiful lighting and fluid lines.

thrax-1's picture

yes often compared to a tourist going on a voyage to my imagination Smile

valkyrie's picture

That is just stunning, what a curious and marvelous worldscape. It's almost like you could just step into another realm here and be lost in a different dimension.. Smile

thrax-1's picture

hey thanks patrick.i wasnt doing this stuff till i joined wacom was colecting dust for a few years because,i didnt know the full extent as to how it would be used. :/ ty 4 visiting

megaflow's picture

Aside from the nice rendering and colors, this really is a piece that makes you stop and look for meanings and details. It's very compelling. Great start on the Wacom, by the way!

Guest's picture

I am also a gemini with a pisces moon Smile

Guest's picture

Thanks for visiting my gallery, I really like your technique for light, it's an awesome pic..

thrax-1's picture

ooh yea i use photoshop 7

Art at its best.