free spirit of kolibri by thrax-1

free spirit of kolibri

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 15, 2002
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instead of weathering the storm.the kolibri searches for a better pathway in life Laughing out loud

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saulsmusic's picture

Wonderful work.

thrax-1's picture

Wow, thanks very much M. With this piece i actually used photo reference for the mountains. It certainly helps out alot for time i might add ^^. Thanks very much M.

medge's picture

Wow, your environments are mind-blowing! Im taking notez cuz my backgrounds are usually lacking...

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud, Thanks very much guest, much appreciated~~Marley

Guest's picture

The way in which Kolibri sheds the ruccous beneath and sores toward clarity leaves me with a a knockdown feeling of hope. Well done.

thrax-1's picture

Man how do you have so much to say after all the images commented on already. I am now a proficient typist thanks to this little excercise ahha. Cheers mate im stunned!!.

varian's picture

I'm personally very fond of feathered wings, so this one really grabs me. The tumultuous storms are depicted so well. The whole thing is...splendid. Smile

thrax-1's picture

Why thanks very much for the indepth critique,very much appreciated.A very flattering comment!.

Guest's picture

this is the best image I have seen on Epilogue............... and............ it's by far my favorite picture. I really enjoy the things you touch on with it... it holds a mystery, but I find a very positive aspect to it as well. Could be interpreted in so many ways, and that's what art is my friend. Keep up the outstanding work!

thrax-1's picture

thats a great compliment to say i have a unique style ^^.I do try to aim for images that are different!!,Thank you very much.

belgarath's picture

Clouds are great, the shafts that shoot through are also excellent. Ive never seen a style like this before, truly unique :U).

thrax-1's picture

Thanks saad,it is still one of my favs aswell,even though technically it may not be,this just is special,be a long time before i can replace this image as my alltime fav i thinks Smile Thanks Saad

contemplator's picture

This I think is my favourite piece of yours Marley...The whole piece resonates with an ethereal, silent beauty...Awesome.

Guest's picture

thanks MArissa i have to comment here for awhile untill my comp is back to good health Tongue.Thanks for your comment.much appreciated.

darksarcasm8's picture

I see nothing but good... When I look and ponder at what I see in the creatures future..I have to squint... its just that beautiful.

thrax-1's picture

Hey thanks for the compliment there Yoseph(and all your other comments) yea this one has special significance for me.The person Who really nabbed my interest in painting digitally,is the person who "Edited"This piece.It was my first for her to Edit :)Bwahahahaha
does that make sense? Thanks yoseph and thanks socar.

dareevan's picture

Hi THere! This is your best painting!!!

thrax-1's picture

Hey thanks for that ishan,thats great,i will do!!!!

Guest's picture

Amazing digital work here, Marley Smile The limited palette, subtle shades and details are gorgeous! Keep up the great work!

thrax-1's picture

Thanks very much Wink

henriikka's picture

This pic is amazing...just beautiful! *"* keep up the good work.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks nell Laughing out loud,cheers for visiting!

elven-nell's picture

What great atmosphere you have created! Good tonal work, too! Haunting AND inspiring.

thrax-1's picture

hi there richard ;D,thanks very much for your comment and visit Smile

richard's picture

I love the loose, flowing wings and the way they contrast with the heavy clouds in the sky.

thrax-1's picture

This one my family and freinds love.This one was a real pleasure to paint.thanks for visiting!!Wink

eilidh's picture

Most impressive; I love the dramatic skies and mystical lighting. The green hues are just a favourite of mine! Smile

thrax-1's picture

hehe,dont you just hate message flooding.that happens to me alot,dont worry they're trimmed. thanks very much for the compliment.

soni's picture

Oh good god in heaven, what the heck happened there? Eek! They've spawned, kill them, kill them!

soni's picture

This is lovely, it actually looks like you were painting with light!

Art at its best.