guardians home world by thrax-1

guardians home world

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 07, 2003
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Artwork Description

a mixture of blue biro and a remix of the original guardian image. there are many guardians in this world all different shapes and sizes,depending on the environment they live in. they adapt to suit their needs.

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thrax-1's picture

Yea same, this is of course the predacessor to the dark metamorphose image!. Its the re sizing whichs does the damage to the image adding quite a bit of artifacting to the image. Thanks again 22# ahahahahaha

varian's picture

I read that Epi's server reduces images to 700 in width; maybe that's why you felt this (and a couple others) weren't looking right once they were posted. What I see (not knowing the version on your drive) is looking good, although I prefer the darker "Metamorphosis" on this particular creature.

thrax-1's picture

i don't mind that s.,but to others out there Don't make money of it or call it your own.Thats called being dishonest.Take care s.

Guest's picture

hmm. maybe I'll put this on my desktop. It needs some new good art on it! my dad might like this too.

thrax-1's picture

Sometimes my art,does not convey what i was wanting,over the net!.It either looks blurry,or the colour looks bland or something!.My quibble is with the quality of the image not the image itself.Sometimes ones not really sure if the viewer is getting it or missing out on something. thanks for your comment though!

thrax-1's picture

wow!!cheers sam Laughing out loud,i'll allow but only once!!ahehehehe.NAA thats cool thanks very much.

samael's picture

Very cool work, very stylish and a very alien, quite inspiring, if you allow me to say so!:]

dareevan's picture

Hey whos said that! ? I think this is a good one.

thrax-1's picture

and i mite add that it doesnt look very good here Sad

Art at its best.