dark metamorphosis [v2] by thrax-1

dark metamorphosis [v2]

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Added: Jan 08, 2003
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my replacement for the original.is much closer to the original vision i had for it, it was meant to be a giant sized sicada carapace.i've altered the shape some what and the light sourcing by ints head is much improved.My apoligies editors, i read that e-mail sent and misunderstood it so i deleted the original "my bad"so i am resubmitting the "correct"version.
thanx so much 4 the advice Laughing out loud.the creature is done in blue biro,the original drawing is "GUARDIAN" also in my gallery.

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thrax-1's picture

ahahaha a good ol fashioned alien cow!. Well i'll be!.hehe. Thanks very much schlunz, Yup i sure have visited many places. Wow i'm real pleased you like this piece Schlunz. Tis a bit of an oldy, I'm not entirely sure i'll visit this place again though!Twas a bit dark in there Tongue. I quite like neptune though!.Cheers Shock)

schlunz's picture

Finally I found time to have a look on your whole gallery... That's my favourite... GREAT! You've visited a lot of places inside and out of this galaxy ;o)

thrax-1's picture

its ball point. this was one of 4 pieces(or 5) that derived from the original guardian image in my gallery. Thanks mate, its a shell that is cracking. a hard shell!. cheers varian Laughing out loud

varian's picture

It makes me think of the creature in Stephen King's "IT", kind of seen as a giant spider only because that's the closest a human mind could grasp an identity for the form. Spooky bit, for certain, whatever it may be. Hey, is biro a ballpoint or felt tip?

thrax-1's picture

heya guest thanks very much for commenting Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Yes, i can feel the deep and the size of it. It is spectacural... Smile

thrax-1's picture

Hi dave Smile,thanks for your visit,I really like the way you described me guardians ^^,thats great cheers

tarron's picture

I really like your Guardians, they have a feeling of ancient power about them. The way in which you have presented them as dark titans is great!

thrax-1's picture

it doesnt sound strange andrea ;)its the end of a very dark era Wink,Thanks for visiting Smile

andreak's picture

Oh, it's very beautiful! I like this one a lot. This might sound strange, but it feels almost... holy or something, like looking at a light at the end of a dark tunnel. It has a lot of emotion.

thrax-1's picture

wohoo!!choice thanks for that comment;D
cheers for visiting;)

frodo's picture

this is great Marley, it could be shelob from LOTR. a more accurate version than mind,and frighteningly more realistic..too! great work...

thrax-1's picture

Hiya Erica,i love!!!lighting.i can recall my first love of lighting so to speak,when i saw an advert for star trek 3 on our first tv i think it was back in 1984-85,the lighting of the starship enterprise blew me away,it was my number 1 obsession for such a long time.Even today i believe the enterprise is the finest model to grace any science fiction movie,bar the other enterprises.the eighties version is the best IMHO.suffice to say other movies like labyrinth,never ending story,Krull and enemy mine,where just as influencial aswell.im a geek yes,but who cares.and that concludes my fascinating speech about lighting Tongue

erikathorpe's picture

This is so beautiful, it has such a sense of mystery and magic....the lighting in all your work is so powerful!

thrax-1's picture

well,i was never really good with paint to begin with,but having said that my appreciation or understanding of applying paint has broadened somewhat doing digital.its really only a factor of money,to which i simply dont have:/

i do like sketching though,with blue biro.i love tight lines.thats why i appreciated your drawings,they're good,very good Smile

peloquin's picture

Are you making only digital art?
This dark art would look great in oil colour.

thrax-1's picture

is that some sort of joke,replying to my art with the excact same comment i left on your gallery :/but thanks any way....?

peloquin's picture

oow man this is top notch stuff here! there is a wonderfull sense of drama going on here. Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

hey thanks walt Laughing out loud

baylessiii's picture

This has an outstanding feel to it, Marley! I love the mood! Very well done!

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud

jenr8r's picture

this is terrific! great dark feeling to this! love it! Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

hi daniel,thank you Smile

bidigam's picture

This is great darkness! I love this one

thrax-1's picture

aww t.t shucks thanks patrick much appreciated Smile

megaflow's picture

I always admire pics with a great sense of lighting and drama like this one. Your textures are always very cool, too. Keep up the good work!

Guest's picture

heh sup man, good to hear about ur not permantnet break from sc, i have finally managed to see a picture from this tather than random spikes all over the place :S, i would put it as a desktop but its like 640x400 type res so its 2 small Tongue, althought not my fav picture u have done (none owns the bcs pic u did for me ^^) i would ahve to agree the perfection of it and all that would be the best i have seen u done gj Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

te hee a sailing boat aye?,sweetas,ok here is how i see it.to the far left and right of the creature are its legs.your not meant to recognise the head region,it has a single claw off to our left[its right]. and on the head itself is 3 antlers so to speak.1 giant vertical piece.which adds to two 1 going above and down,the light sourcing is its mouth region,help this helps veiwers.as for your mind refusing to grasp what it is,that just makes me smile ty..

Guest's picture

my mind refuses to grasp the shape of the creature... lol... i feel like the dude from mallrats "It's a sailboat!" lol...

Anyways what i love about this picture though is it's sence of an epic Malevolent threat... oh and i love the roling mist on the ground...

thrax-1's picture

well this to me represents the best i have done with photoshop,they are my favourite clouds i've done to d8.and the creature is sufficiently different to call my own.as i am really not interested in what has been laid before me.in artistic terms anyhow.

Art at its best.