In this strange land of dream by thrax-1

In this strange land of dream

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Added: Feb 07, 2003
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thrax-1's picture

The original was over 1000px in height i think. i re-scaled down to the size now! Thanks for the comment again.....Wink

varian's picture

Beauty found even within night challenges, lol. (Scrolling on this is fine, doesn't require much at all.)

thrax-1's picture

heh thanks very much tahseen yea this was the start of all my landscape with singular figure walking through them scenario's.hehe Smile

taz's picture

this looks really wonderful, sort of fragile/delicate and etheral.,also the small figure in white is a nice touch.

thrax-1's picture

cheers Judy,yea i like to create my own universe,I feel like i've achieved something if its all my own work.Thanks for the kind comment judy,thats awesome

gecky's picture

Man, so often I see artists who just yank a nebula off of NASA's Hubble photo archive since they're all public domain and plop it in their painting and call it their own... While it's certainly difficult to compete with the Universe for things like this, I think you've done very well. It's much more imaginative than some old Hubble photo. Smile

thrax-1's picture

Smile why thanks very much for the compliments amarilli.Yes it is very spiritual.i like to mix that with science fiction.creates an interesting blend don't you think.

ama's picture

very very dreamy, and, dare I say, spiritual.
Reminds me (not at all for the colors but for the 'athmosphere' and maybe for the figure) of the works of the norwegian painter Frans Widerberg.

thrax-1's picture

Wow hey thanks very much for taking time out to have a travel through my gallery Tongue.Cheer thats awesome!!

trevor's picture

I have enjoyed looking through your gallery, this is my favourite piece. I love the subtle textures and movement, beautiful.

thrax-1's picture

oo thats cool Jia thanks for visiting:)

look's picture

It's really weird, suits the title so well. It's just like the dream world, beautiful, filled with fantasy, and yet have dark areas that contains nightmares. This is beautiful.

thrax-1's picture

thats cool Laughing out loud glad u like,thanks for visiting,Catrina!!!

minoukatze's picture

Wow....this is so eerie and beautiful. Such an imaginative composition. I love it!

thrax-1's picture

o'hang on which one? 0-o

thrax-1's picture

grey!!its blue on my screen,ahhhrgh:P
its a vortex,sucking what is left of the dark clouds in my life.youll notice next to no cloud in my next piece"Broken Shell"worries about your english,the fact you felt to leave a comment in the first place really is kind and considerate.thank you for visiting Smile

nep's picture

really nice. i adore the grey circle one the right side, it reminds me of a beautiful *searches for right vocabularies* ... ehm...wave in the ocean ^^ (ah damn, my english is ambarrassing..)

thrax-1's picture

Thank you inga Smile(didnt think it was that boring)hawhawhawhaw,na,sweet as again thanks for visiting!

thrax-1's picture

Heya there eleni Laughing out loud,great you pop in for a visit Smile.those are big words that mean much to me Smile.thank you for visiting me.

eilidh's picture

Amazing. Rarely do I see artwork that is so free and coming from within. Respect..

thrax-1's picture

mmm, hehe prints?lemme think about that one Smile

Guest's picture

Dude! It's so awesome!!!! I love it!!! I would definatly buy a poster of it and put it on my wall.

thrax-1's picture

Hey thanks nicklas,thanks for visiting! Smile

bm-1's picture

Excellent work. nice texturing and mood.
I like your style. Keep the skill alive.

thrax-1's picture

hey thanks mayavan,Laughing out loud cake icing?never thought of that one Tongue

mya's picture

Woof. That's a beautiful piece of work, Marley. Really haunting, and mystical. The light has a sort of semi-solid look to it, like cake icing. Stunning work.

thrax-1's picture

bye friend

thrax-1's picture

heya Davison Laughing out loud yea good to hear from you again aaah,glad you like the piece

dchan's picture

JESUS CHRIST!! Ohhhh marley don't kill us by your artwork!!! OH GOD!! Sooo beautiful... CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! The concept in this draw is amazing and the execution with this very smotth light and dark color are killing me!! O_O! GREAT JOB... Bye my friend!

thrax-1's picture

haha heya phil.ok will e-mail

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