In their own world by thrax-1

In their own world

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 30, 2003
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This is my submission for the "Cupid art" contest.

about the image,they're in a world of their own.completely oblivious to the person that brought them together in the first place....CUPID.

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thrax-1's picture

Yea it was neat painting this too. I have had fleeting moments of love in this sense in my life. Its the one emotion that i have yet to experience fully. I cant wait, i'm sure the art will change yet again!. Thank yu

varian's picture

What a beautiful twist on the Cupid concept, and also a great depiction of living in love. Smile

thrax-1's picture

Im glad my old pieces still strike a chord with people,they certainly captured something i haven't been able to emulate as of late thats for sure.Thank you!.

romanweb's picture

This is a great piece. Haunting and beautifully moving at the same time....
original concept on the cupid.

thrax-1's picture

aww T.T thank you.I'm honoured.

j-art's picture

this is a real stunner - i really really love this one - it goes to my most favourite paintings - thanks for posting Smile

thrax-1's picture

Hey thanks for the enthusiastic response to this annah,that just makes me feel proud,.. sniff...Wink..Thankies!!

amarys's picture

My GOD thats gorgeous! The glow, the lighting especially... beautiful work Marley Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thank you,i'd have to agree that this is my first piece that has any sign of tranquility that i've painted in a long time,hehehe. Tongue

peloquin's picture

I like the way You colored that nebula. There's certain tranquility in this work.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks Julia!Thats a great observation.cheers for visiting Smile

julchen's picture

Wow - I like your style and this pic especially. It's like an impression of the mind rather than one of the eye - Very inspiring and beautifully done!

thrax-1's picture

aww shucks marie,thank you so much Smile

valkyrie's picture

Ohhhh a truly beautiful image, like out of a dream that you feel you could step into! Fantastic work, wow! Smile

thrax-1's picture

dam i rather like ice cream.darn it!!hehe.I noticed the comment spree Tongue

Guest's picture

Screw icecream. Lets sit in a fantastical star scape! love the pic. by the way, this is a comment spree.

thrax-1's picture

yup i agree.I did put a lot of stars in the background.But they started to take away from the ambience.Thus this is what it is.Although i'm never sure wether i have the right brightness or not.Thanks for the comment.much appreciated.

kizalon's picture

This is very beautiful. So peaceful and the figures are very fitting with the scene. Love the angelic one in the back. Very sensitive touuch you have in this one..
I only wish you had made a little more backround, what do you think..?

thrax-1's picture

hi tom thanks for the comment.hmm i seem to be doing alot of deity pieces lately.Xp,there must be a message somewhere.

portalrun's picture

Awesome work Work Marley, really get a feeling of presence of gods here...

thrax-1's picture

That is an odd comment about it being realistic chris Laughing out loud.Hehe thanks for your visit chris

christar's picture

Superb job with the colors, lighting ,and smoke effect, it looks very realistic!

thrax-1's picture

Smile thanks m8!!!

alexandria's picture

Truly fascinating graphics. Shining effects indeed!

thrax-1's picture

Hey thanks Fiona Smile,thanks for that kind comment Laughing out loud

nooget's picture

This picture is absolutely beautiful. The light colours and atmosphere, man it's just brilliant. This has to be one of the most beautiful digital pictures I've ever seen!

thrax-1's picture

ahehe,tis both :)Thank you for your visit bibiku,Thats great Smile

bibiku's picture

Inspiring love or affection.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks sean,an ice sculpture?.i really like how people see things differently,cheers

pageaxe's picture

Wow! I've never been here,this is cool,almost like an ice sculpture-thats great!

Art at its best.