Deity by thrax-1


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 15, 2003
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for the "Anti Cliche"contest
My interpretation of a deity

Mixture of blue biro and photoshop

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thrax-1's picture

Hey thats not a problem bruce, it was a neat visit, well worth the visit, Thank you for visiting neil Laughing out loud.

neilbruce's picture

Again excellent, everything in your gallery is most atmospheric and imaginative, I wish I had a bit of that ability. Many thanks for visiting my gallery and you’re kind comments. All the best!

thrax-1's picture

Yea i do remember this being a big jump in understanding how the "hard round" brush works, see the clouds?. twas all up from here!.

varian's picture

Oh yeah, more from that "middle ground" - and this comment will make no sense at all out of context with the order in which it arrived here, lol.

thrax-1's picture

Wink,Thank you so much,it would be an intimidating pressence seeing this as large as a wall i could imagine ;D.Thanks very much Jennifer,very appreciated!.

Guest's picture

I love this so much I would like to have it cover an entire wall as a mural.
what a wonderful imagination you posess.

thrax-1's picture

thats good,It's quite nice to hear that its successfull from other people Laughing out loud.Thank yee guest!

Guest's picture

this is very's deffinately anti-cliche Smile

thrax-1's picture

Ahh thats the spirit Smile.Thanks for nice comment,Thats great!!good luck for this months competition.

bcorbett67's picture

Hi Marley, I guess I didn't comment on this at the time as we were in the same competition Wink This is just great, and it makes me want to get the biro's out and mess around Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thats quite an indepth critique marisa!thanks very much!.yea it lookls freaky but really its nothing to fear at all!cheers.

darksarcasm8's picture

Despite the two totally different media... this piece flows quite nicely! Very nice work indeed. And like the two different mediums... I sense two different feelings... first is the sense of impending doom.... but then I feel like it will be peaceful impending doom... And for some strange reason... they fit together quite nicely. Great job!

thrax-1's picture

hey pekka..longtime no see Tongue.cheers for visiting.

Guest's picture

Great atmosphere here.
Very nice lookiking place you have created. I would love to visit there... o)

thrax-1's picture

I have always been fascinated by larger than life me they represent power.i also am interested in the spirit world,a whole completely different plane of living.I like it when someone comes up with unique interpretations of ones work,cheers marie Smile

valkyrie's picture

Wow Marley, this is very impressive *picks jaw off floor* It's a dream like going to heaven but with extra details.. perhaps it is heavens cathedral... amazing! Smile

thrax-1's picture

thank you

thrax-1's picture

wow,like your other comment in my gallery, that has been the most accurate description about my work!!What you said makes perfect sense to me.Thanks very much jessica Smile

Guest's picture

Very cool. It leaves a great impression of power and size, but also of calm. . .

medge's picture

Wiked surreal!!

thrax-1's picture

wow thats a neat compliment,cheers very much mayavan

mya's picture

Great stuff Marley - it's things like this that really get my imagination going, like it's some strange incomprehensible...thing, billions of light years from anywhere, but people try to reach it, and those that somehow do look up and see this terrifying bugger. Excellent.

thrax-1's picture

thanks J.P,I am definately more confident when it comes to painting.I've discovered the the airbrush feature is not that great.i preffer the hard brush now.Thanks again

vengince's picture

This is wonderfully designed, could be the concept art for a movie set. I agree with Chris your imporoving.

thrax-1's picture

heheh thanks,its blue biro btw.Well its always encouraging that someone sees that i am getting better.Thank you chris

christar's picture

Very cool architectural design work, and great job capturing the form with the lighting and shading. This has a trippy/dreamy feeling to it. Nice job merging the photoshop with the penciling as well. Your work just keeps getting better man. Wink

thrax-1's picture

heya denny.thank you m8,i really enjoyed doing this piece.i'm back into starcraft so we'll have to have a game!!.your on us east??

isenho's picture

hey marley! this picture is so cool! so unusual. awesome lighting here

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud

elven-nell's picture

I'm digging this piece, Marley. It's truly inique. I also love the detail, very impressive! Smile

Art at its best.