Passing Storm by thrax-1

Passing Storm

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Added: Jun 17, 2003
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thrax-1's picture

thank you, aubrie Smile.

Guest's picture

WOW! I love your choice of colors and the amazing land scape, keep it up.
X- Aubrie

thrax-1's picture

Cool observation, it sounds rewarding visiting peoples galleries backwards, i must try that Tongue.

varian's picture

Viewing your gallery backwards, and in this one, I see you crossing that territory from SF to visionary, preparing for the works to come. Really cool. Smile

thrax-1's picture

hey Fenris Smile,There are artists out there who i absoloutely stare in awe at!!.Its quite humbling to think that there are artist out there that stare at my work with admiration.That raises my spirits as lately i have been feeling down that i don't feel that great.I guess that happens to every one!,I am VERY pleased i can strike you with each image,thanks very much Fenris,take care~Marley

fenris's picture

You pictures over and over again manage to overwhelm me, each time I see them. I really envy you for having so great talent and imagination. The landscape is absolutely impressive!

thrax-1's picture

i do try to visualize the end result,but its more visualizing a direction.But my images end up being different to what i imagine.My imagination is still much better than the end result,but i feel i'm closing in.I find there is a lot of improvisation with art,ideas you let go of new ones that suddenly spring to mind,i allow for that to happen.Thanks Annelie

Guest's picture

in 6th grade we had a little competition "livin in 100years" goin. If I would have seen your picture then, I would have laid down my pencil. I wanted to draw something like this you did above, but I failed to draw my imagination... *smilez*...

Do your pictures turn out like you have them in mind before? (Or do you work completely different)?

thrax-1's picture

Hi veli,thanks mate Smile

peloquin's picture

This is one cool landscape.
Great use of light.

thrax-1's picture

o cheer lai, you lucky bugger.thats something i want to do aswell.aye or you just needed a breather.good luck mate!

ebrian's picture

Hey Marley, this one pretty much resembles one of my dreams:) I love that distant storm.
btw, I just came back from a trip across Europe, got lots of inspiration. I need some update too, but currently I seemed to get stuck somewhere and cant get my work submitted. Got to work hard.

thrax-1's picture

yep absolutely right on both occasions,krulls architecture was amazing for its time.i now own the special edition on dvd wich holds your usual extras such as concept sketches,some of which are very similar to stuff i am doing this year i am focussing on "honing" my skills to build up a portfolio to send to weta digital in wellington.My works not quite ready for that leap just yet,i think you have to master a lot of mediums before you even attempt that sort of thing.As for it being restfull,when i was building this image.It was the first time in seven years i had a distinct lack of worrying about anything. and could be due to the fact that deity is predominantly blue biro cross hatching.which has a rough feeling to it i think.phew!!!thanks marie

valkyrie's picture

Impressive, this one appears more restful than the last image I visited(Deity). The details in this are wonderful and I love the little city scape happening there beside the "claw structures/rocks" I noted your reference to the movie Krull, I remember that many years ago and yes that is exactly what I thought of when seeing this! I love the simple colour scheme that seems to have so much "life". Fantastical Marley as always! Smile

thrax-1's picture

yep.although the story line focuses more on the cloud leaving the core,mid right, symbolic of the mighty depression leaving me,so the core is representational of my mind.Not so much a different planet. cheers k.

chutap's picture

nice concept Smile unlike anything i've seen before! is this another planet?

thrax-1's picture

well there is no need really patrick,your quite a busy person.And i thank you for your compliment too.I love that art from the era,actually from all decades since the fiftees,but mainly seventies and eighties,Thanks patrick Smile

megaflow's picture

I feel evil for not commenting on this piece before... it's very cool. The layout and design are well done, and the alien city is quite creative. This is the sort of thing that might have been on a SF book cover in the '50s (yes, that's a compliment!).

thrax-1's picture

Thanks mayavan!well my surreal paintings are not planned! so to speak.But this one is.i wanted to get this off my chest for some time.I am aiming to be as diverse as possible with style and technique.i need diversity other wise i stagnate.Thats no good.I am pleased you still like it though,yoou have always had very supportive comments.cheers m8.

mya's picture

Not quite as surreal as some of your other works, but no less beautiful - with so many artists aspiring to produce colour-saturated, ultra-detailed renditions, it's good to see work like this - atmospheric, eerie, and effective.

On a side note - I really like the buildings, they have this weird look like fungal growths that have sprung up around the landscape. Great job!

thrax-1's picture

startrek vs starwars?i did heaps of those as a child[back then i didn't care about copywrite issues lol]still i'd still do one.Just wish i had a scanner to bring my drawings to life.Thanks S.

Guest's picture

Hey you! Laughing out loud I remember you! Thanks for coming back to my galla! You are friend. I wanted to tell you that the chara Sevynn wasn't mine, it's yasha's, from Vocatus. *link on the cardboard tube dragon pic* Cardboard tube dragon is though.

I seriously love this picture. Dude. If I had or something, I'd commission you to draw a Star Treck vs. Star Wars pic. I really think you know...just becuase.......

thrax-1's picture

ahhh,Marley the Manga artist eeh?,now there's something to think about hmmm.:)thanks for the comment mark.

lockett's picture

Weird and wonderful work Marley, I could really see your images as backgrounds for some surreal, mad manga films.

thrax-1's picture

this is the first piece that people are mentioning my state of mind Shock.haha,here is a secret,i don't drink,smoke,do drugs,or anything mind altering like that.I just day dream 24/7 these are places i just imagine,and it wasn't until recently that i am able to convert it to canvas[albeit digital]........Yea i too was so happy to have pic of the day,and thank you for the e-mail too.thats very thoughtfull.cheers ishan

Guest's picture

Gimme some of what you're on, Marley, you're getting well spaced out - this is great, imaginative stuff - I feel like I wanna fly around there, really cool work and it was also nice to see you get pic of the day fopr "guardians home world"! See you buddy!

thrax-1's picture

wow a comment from kay!!!this piece has had the best response yet^^ Sniff*thank you

Guest's picture

Oh this is so excellent! What depth! What movement! Absolutely great work!

thrax-1's picture

Thanks nell,i wasn't in any hurry to finish this piece,i just plucked away at the piece till i felt it was ready.actually thats how i approach all my pieces -.,-.* good 1 marley u putz Tongue
but yea anyway i forgot what i was getting at,so c.u l8tr nell!!I did ctually have a point at one stage

elven-nell's picture

Fantastic work, Marley! Great mood and tonal work, very impressive. Smile

Art at its best.