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Out of Time

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Added: Aug 17, 2003
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my entry for "Future War" contest.

in the future,the world is facing a crisis of overpopulation. Like too many rats in a cage poeple were at each others necks as were the few remaining governments left.

Bickering over territory on the moon became hostile to the point that long vicious wars eventually lead to the destruction of the moons storage supplies,creating an explosion big enough to lower the moons orbit.

Earth after many unsuccessfull attempts to be space worthy have only two craft in which to mount an attempt to rescue survivors.One ship the "Yamato" sadly went down when a second more powerfull explosion on the moon sent an EM shockwave,taking out the onboard computer sending the yamoto to its doom.Unfortunately it also speed the already rapidly decaying orbit of the moon.The "Pantheon" is the last of the ships.It managed to make several trips to the moon but could only rescue 50,000 of 7 million of the total population.Not to mention the people caught out by the moons impact.

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thrax-1's picture

Yea, i agree. But this is an oldy, so i won't be adding anything new :> . THANK you big time for commenting on the explosion. That was one effect i was very proud of!. Thanks Donald~~Marley

yeewu's picture

I like this piece a lot! The green does add a lot to it, and that explosion looks fantastic (I love the yellow pieces shooting out).

If I may say one thing, The terrain immediately to the right of the spacecraft's tail (or head?) end seems a little smooth in comparison to the areas around it. I think it would be cool to see the same level of detail in the moon too Smile

Great looking piece!

thrax-1's picture

As you can see, i LOVE green!. I tell ya this was crap until i put green in there, hahaha. Thank you again chris!

christar's picture

I love how you used green lighting around the base of the impact crater and how it really glows against the contrasting purple hues near it. Really beautiful color scheme.

thrax-1's picture

again thanks!.

varian's picture

Cool use of color for the mood, and great job on the explosions.

thrax-1's picture

aah thats good news Wink,i'm pleased you like the explosion/s they were tough but,very rewarding,despite people mentioning it's flaws Wink.Thanks very much

caitmf1's picture

just amazing; movie like; and the explosion is just amazing; or should i say two explosions

thrax-1's picture

why thanks marie,I like me quirks actually Smile,makes me human^^.

valkyrie's picture

Despite what some others have said about this, quirks or no, it is still an outstanding work, the explosions are fantastic, I like the ship as well! Your work is awesome! Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thanks again number iv......Hehe,The explosion was a real bugger to try and work with.at least it looks alright Smile cheers Fenris.

fenris's picture

I am actually no fan of science fiction, but I love this picture. The explosions are drawn in a very realistic way, wow!

thrax-1's picture

the moon is in front,it is confusing because of my poor rendering.I tried to have a decent shockwave but it ended up cluttering the whole images composition.My work has unique quirks in them Tongue

mangalore's picture

Finally found the time to comment on your piece and I must say I like it very much. Esspecially the spaceship and the explosion are very well done. However I'm a bit confused about the position of the moon. The explosion seems to be on the planet, but the moon seems stuck without any impact traces. The crater of the explosion also stretches over planet and moon. Is the moon behind the planet or not? Otherwise very well done, nice details on everything, esspecially the planets.

btw: My competition piece is up,too.

thrax-1's picture

you know!! this is a reworked image of which i might submit yet,but i had the milkyway in it,bugger.When i did those stars i thought yea they could do with a bit more.and completely forgot about them because i'd had enough of the image.It may count against me in the comp Sad,i hope not

Guest's picture

*laughs* I wasn't meaning visable galaxies. It's just from Earth's point in the milky way, we can see branches of our galaxy.... places where the milky way is thickets and then other places where the stars are sprinkled thinly. *shrugs* maybe it's just me. *tweaks*

thrax-1's picture

There seems to be a limmit to the amount of words for reply and i cannot delete comments aswell.Still buggy dammit.

to finish the sentence......as opposed to a few hundred hours i spent on the planets Tongue.This took ages.

thrax-1's picture

Don't feel like a nut,i am always needing improvement.I would update the image but epilogue has a bug that doesn't allow for updating Sad.Having said that s i don't think iv'e ever seen a shot of earth when there were visible galaxies in the background.So perhaps i am being realistic here Tongue.But the stars do need alot of work.I spent 5 minutes on them as opposed

Guest's picture

I hate it when I press enter accidentally. Anyway, I have a suggestion for you. The stars bug me to some degree.... they were all somewhat evenly spaced instead of having oodles of clusters and then open areas and such. I couldn't see legs of a galaxy in it, just stars... I do see colour and size variation though. That's good. I feel like such a nut giving you advice when yer so much better than me. @.o

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Good job on the space ship, tha's GREAT!!!!

thrax-1's picture

That bugs me im changing that.Thanks Judy Smile

thrax-1's picture

Tru at that judy your right.i had a story in mind but i am crap at narrating them.I was meant to write that it had been on a few trips previously to this last one.Arrgh!!..Heh yea ELE extinction level event x4,everybody dies here Tongue

gecky's picture

Hah, I like your take on it, although I think Earth would be a dead planet if the moon crashed into it. I mean... even more dead than it already is in your picture.

My only gripe is that your story indicates the ship can hold a quarter of a million people, but the sheer mass of such a vessel is not conveyed by your rendition. It is, however, quite nice, and I would have never thought twice about that if I hadn't read the story.

thrax-1's picture

Actually yes i do but this wasn't a premonition at all,just a thought Tongue

somerset's picture

Brilliant and quite terrifying, Marley! I hope you don't suffer from premonitions? I think you said no... you did..didn't you?

thrax-1's picture

And thanks for the comment (me forget that part Tongue)

thrax-1's picture

yea i focused way to much on the planet and ship, and thought the sky was "Acceptable",perhaps ill update later.

I know the cartoon Smile,i have "space cruiser yamato" on vhs,I saved up and bought it as a child.I was so proud.I still have it too.Yamato incidently ishan is/was an actual vessel,but i think the americans took to that beast.Its also the starship Enterprises sister ship in "The next generation"

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Hey Marley! Great to see new work from you! This is great stuff, amazing textures, and that expolosion is awesome! One complaint is the sky is bland and featureless by comparison. That ship looks cool, and 3D (you mention Yamato - there was a TV series with such-named ship). That surface of the planet is incredible - this is really great work!

Art at its best.