Midnight Valley by thrax-1

Midnight Valley

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Added: Aug 17, 2003
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Well i felt real good when i finished this piece.

I had recently bought an album of "Cirque du Soleil" called "Saltimbonco" its an amazingly ambient album.I was listening to the soundtracks Kaze and Norweg whilst doing this piece.And within 4 hours i had mostly sorted out this piece.I spent the next 3 days just taking my time and tidying up the detail.

I hope you enjoy looking at this piece as much as i created it.It was FUN!

in all about 10 hours work


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I'm just really stoked to have you visit, Benita. Yea this piece is a bit of an oldy, it was inspired by a John Beirdstadt/sp?. and at time of doing this i had no idea who he was until someone mentioned him in another thread in 2004 i think..My Uncle had a print of his work older than I am. but it sure was an inspiration for me as a teen. Cirque Music for a time mede me very happy, although now to listen to it, its lost its initial impact, but 99% of music does that anyway...Benita, many thanks for your visit Laughing out loud... MARLEY

dunkelgold's picture

Wonderful atmosphere! Very beautiful.. I have seen Cirque du Soleil a few years ago in Hamburg and it was really great. I'll have to check out their music too! Smile

thrax-1's picture

Well thanks very much epiouge man!! Laughing out loud.


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Thank you very much Dani B. My pieces were always representative of how i was feeling at the time. At this stage of painting, I was heading towards peace of mind. I think i kinda found it when i painted neptune. Thanks very much Dani and have a good one ^^.~~Marley

daniela's picture

oh, I forgot: all your work is great.

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this is my favourite piece of your gallery. I don't know why, but it conveys to me a sense of peace.

thrax-1's picture

HAH cool beans, I got the pic of the day thingie ;D. First time in a loong time!. Thanks for commenting again Varian..much appreciated.

varian's picture

This just came up for me on "Pics of the Day", so I'm taking another long, leisurely viewing. Enjoying it equally as much as previously. Definitely a good one. Smile

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Yaa there certainly are a lot of comments on this one. It made me very happy. Thanks for adding to the collection anyhow jade, i always appreciate that!. cheers Laughing out loud

goblinfiesta's picture

After going through everyone else's comments--I'm speechless! Everything has been said--but, maybe just one more ;-)---your work simply ROCKS!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome artwork! ^_^

thrax-1's picture

The finished file of this Varian was picked up and re-worked to become solitude, that is the connection, see the island the figure stands on?. I just took that section and duplicated it, then flipped it upside down. and worked that way Smile. cheers

varian's picture

I don't think I can add anything that hasn't already been said, but it is quite luscious, so I gotta say something at least. Wonderful healing greens, I don't see the relationship between this and "Solitude" other than some similar feelings in the environment. Excellent work, though...excellent benchmark. Smile

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Hey christiaan Laughing out loud,i love a good atmosphere haha,yea i know about oils,truth is i don't really know how to use them :?.I do wish to change that though,thanks very much christiaan Laughing out loud.

caitmf1's picture

hi marley; your atmoshperes are just beautiful as always; was reading coments and i would love to see u paint with oils too

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Thank you for that lovely comment Krista.have a good one then ;)~Marley...

krista's picture

Wow...beautiful colors and great atmosphere! Really sets up a mood and a sense that you're in the space. Very lovely piece!

thrax-1's picture

Yes i have a couple of years ago i watched a friend of mine do a giant 2 metre oil painting on canvas(well giant to me anyhoo),i watched his process and was utterly amazed at the Image created.So when i have a decent stab of money in the pocket i shall endevour to give it a go!.Thanks very much jennifer~Marley

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Marley, have you ever considered working with oil paints on canvas? with some patience I think it could pay off to try. you have excellent compositions.

thrax-1's picture

ahh thats cool tai Laughing out loud,thank you,have a good 1.

iat's picture

Just something about the atmosphere strikes me, the yellow and green, the majesty, and loomingfeel.

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud, thanks J.P,there probably wont be a new piece for a wee while yet.At least you visited anyway,thats really great! ahaa.

vengince's picture

I regret not looking at your new images before, been so busy. But wow Marley I love this one, such depth and dramatics.
I must make it a habit to visit more often.

thrax-1's picture

Yes it is Veli,Although people still feel a threat when they look at this image Smile.Thanks veli

peloquin's picture

You have done absolutely fantastic work. Looks very peaceful place.

thrax-1's picture

aah your another that has made that observation :)Thank you very much.I don't think i can put my finger on it either,its just how i feel i guess.The local print company decided that my 'Elemental shapeshifter' image was way too threatning to display in their shop! now really that is just the greatest compliment.thanks rochelle Laughing out loud

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I am glad you chose to put the lighting in, its spectacular. The acid-spooky green just makes this pic so much more than what it would be if it was any other colour, I think. We do associate colours with feelings...and though I cant put my finger on this one, its great. Its serene and yet its frightening at the same time.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks Giulia [thats a beautifull name you have ;)].

giulia's picture

Really like it Smile

thrax-1's picture

Once you get the hang of digital,it really is just a matter of finding Techniques and memorizing them,its easy work after that Wink.Thanks uwe!

Art at its best.