Solitude by thrax-1


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Added: Aug 30, 2003
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A remodification of "midnight valley" accept it took twice as long Tongue.I still learnt heaps in the process of making this piece

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thrax-1's picture

You've seen right through me Varian, that is exactly how i feel. It's a sad feeling when you feel left behind for sure. it's like a handicap. Thanks mate!

varian's picture

Well, the color are perfect, very subdued, very monochrome; they reflect his condition. Also the large spaces, making him smalller, the lengthened shadow from the light that is far away. The floating pyramid, seemingly vastly populated, full of activity, yet so far away. Sometimes, although he knows it's good to be where he is, he has to look to where the others are. Hm...I like this piece a lot.

thrax-1's picture

oo wow, thanks kirsi Laughing out loud, this is an oldy allright, done on my old computer, which i believe produced much better tonality than what i have achieved lately. I have not been successfull in capturing what i had Sad. its a bugger really. I am glad you like it though!

kizalon's picture

oh... amazing, simply amazing. That light is so real and the frozen ground looks sooo good! I like the composition too Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thanks very much for the compliment,an unfortunate side effect of focusing on digital is the lack of interest of doing traditional.I guess its a phase i'll grow out of (Hopefully),But anyway its not that difficult,it just requires a slight change of thought process,since digital doesn't require a drying time.Again thanks very much Laughing out loud.~Marley

snow-wolf's picture

I admire those that can use their computers for their art.. and this is yet another example of why. You did a wonderful job on lighting, shadowing and color. The mood that you were aiming for was defenetly achieved! It also has a sense of mystery... Great job!

thrax-1's picture

but here is a tip i used the hard round brush in photoshop,not the airbrush for much more favourable results.Not to mention the 50+ tornado documantaries i have on tape that i collected over the years Oups.hehehe,i don't really need reference for these because of my avid fascination with storms,but don't rule them out,the net is full of different weather caught by camera.

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aww m8 i LOVE Flash Gordon,those clouds rocked my world,that movie and "Star Trek 2, the Wrath of khan" had the most wonderful clouds in them,i personally want my own cloud tank ^^haha.Infact as i child i set up my own mini cloud tanks.a cup some milk and dishwashing liquid ^^.I was heavily influenced by these visual effects,thanks very much for the kind comment chris Smile.i'll see what i can do to help Wink.

christar's picture

This reminds me a little of some of the sky scenes from the 1980 Dino Delaurentis film, "Flash Gordon".
In that film, they used that cool old "Fluid in Water" special effect for the clouds. The "Fluid in Water" special effect was really effective for creating some very dynamic and surreaistic other-wordly, Nebula-Like clouds.
As a matter of fact, I think this image is so cool, that it inspired me to try and create my own "Cloud Scene", but I quickly realized just how much meticulous work is involved in creating all the lighting and shading in the cloud structure, so I haven't finished it yet.
I think it would be cool if you could write an Epilogue tutorial on your cloud creating technique, or maybe you could just email me some cloud making tips.
I can definitely feel the "Spirituality" that you talk about in this image.
Rockin work dude.

thrax-1's picture

Hi there thanks very much Krista,eeerm mastery??.i don't think i have this conquered just yet lol,but thanks anyway.cheer..

krista's picture

Wow, this is really beautiful. I admire your mastery of scale and perspective. Lovely work!

thrax-1's picture

cool,Now a few deep breaths and you should be right ahah!Laughing out loud.take care katherine

Guest's picture

Devastatingly brilliant. Breathtaking.

thrax-1's picture

howdy frank Laughing out loud.thanks mate not a problem.I try not to repeat an emotion from the previuos works,even if some pieces are a direct modification of an original.Thanks very much~Marley

artistfellow's picture

you have a very unique style about your art. i love the changing moods of your works. thanks for sharing Smile

thrax-1's picture

Still art will change again,you can sure trust me on that one Smile.Thank you veli~MARLEY

thrax-1's picture

if you must know,i beat many Barriers this year,that were on the verge of being phobias,i was a very reclusive person,now though most of my barriers are gone.And am loving it.

Basically My mind is very calm.Took me around 5 years to get to this state though!.But i am here Laughing out loud.I look at these images as if they were the calm after the storm. My art will chan

peloquin's picture

You know, compared to Your earlier images these new ones are really calm, very peaceful...well, that's my opinion... Wink
What the hell has happened?

thrax-1's picture

thankies,its the remix of Midnight Valley.Just wanted to see how far i could take myself Smile

Guest's picture

Such a dynamic composition!

thrax-1's picture

its a pyramid Wink

thrax-1's picture

thats cool,i really enjoyed your art ^^.thank you lena!...are you really thirteen ??

Guest's picture

id love to just walk around in a place like that Smile
thx for the comments at my gallery

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wow................. is that a floating island?? If that was part of midnight valley i totally missed it. Love this picture. XD I hate it when I miss cool stuff.

thrax-1's picture

haha well how about that aye?.small world^^.thanks for that denny,have a good day!/night Smile

isenho's picture

great lovely colors. The lighting and perspective is way cool. Way cool Hey, we got the same birthdays man!

thrax-1's picture

why thang ya very much Marie,that is a great compliment,cheers mate,

valkyrie's picture

*Jaw falls open* Lost for words, the feeling of solitude and smallness is conveyed well in this amazing view! Sterling work, you're one of the best here! Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thanks fenris,lighting i think,makes any art,so long as that aspect is impressive,i'm happy Tongue.

fenris's picture

This picture makes one really feel small and unimportant. I like that smooth transition from the dark right side to the bright view on the other hand. Really great art, Marley!

Art at its best.