Elemental Shapeshifter by thrax-1

Elemental Shapeshifter

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 17, 2003
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My entry for the Magic contest.

Capturing an Elemental Spirit that has learnt that art of Shapeshifting.I have just discovered that i recieved a runner up for this entry..YEEHAA!!im so happy ^^

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thank you very much, guest Laughing out loud. muchl appreciation....marley

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this is so gorgeous, its just awsome, i could stare at it for ages.

thrax-1's picture

Howdy Sy, thank you very much for the compliment, that was a great feeling coming second. It was my first recognition in a comp of any kind!. thanks again ;D.~~Marley

aerythes's picture

This is great. The colors and shapes are dramatic and intense. Congrats on the runner-up!

thrax-1's picture

Wink thankies/.

varian's picture

Such lovely gentle hues!

thrax-1's picture

lol kay is speechless ^^.ahaha aarrgh the ol comment inhibitor strikes again.owell thanks for visiting regardless kay thats great.

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Hi Erica!.I use photoshop seven,mostly wacom,but this piece is predominantly mouse work.I played around with the liquify filter,and then multi layered with different options like multiply as such.Thanks very much.

eri-chan's picture

I absolutely love this piece Marley - the color scheme is gorgeous, and I love the semi-abstract look. Most definitely magical Laughing out loud

Incidentally, what program do you use?

thrax-1's picture

Thanks for the REALLY enthusiastic response Aaron,Yup they're usually the words i use quite often myself when i comment on others works.Well i'm really pleased this piece can evoke such emotion,Thank you Aaron~Marley

shinsei19's picture

WOW...wow...To say I'm in awe would be an understatement! I believe the word I'm trying to think of is 'gorgeous'...well 'stunning' works, too....as does 'WOW'...

Yeah...i think that sums it up.. WOW...top notch!

thrax-1's picture

hi Gabor.actually no i haven't read that story,but it sounds like my cuppa tea.so i'll definately look out for it!.Thanks Gabor

ascella's picture

Hi Marley! Your pictures shows beyond the common science-fiction.
These pictures has got mistifying mood. I like them.
Have you read the „End of the childhood” book of A. C. Clarke?
In this book is written an incredible transformation what is a global-size borning, the borning of a new human race. Very effective and thoughtful story.
These works reminds me that book. Again; good works:) Gábor

thrax-1's picture

aah thats good to know,thank you Uwe.

j-art's picture

superb just superb - the coloures - i love it

thrax-1's picture

meaning one i might have come up with myself??generally i don't think of story lines till after i'm finished,I almost never convert those stories for people to read,only to see through my art!!.i'd be most interested to see what you can come up with!!Thanks whoever you are i'm honoured Smile.

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Ok i'm going around looking at all the different drawlings.And then once i find the perfect one i'm going to write a story about it if i get permission.Maybe it'll be yours!

thrax-1's picture

iVe sent you the early version of it!.Hopefully its insightfull Smile

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previously before i started painting here on epilogue,I used filters and also manipulated photos(even though i used no photos here).I use the "DUOTONE" if i think that my colours that i have used are not gelling very well.Coupled with filter use,and some fancy layering and that should be about it.I LOVE photoshop.I did post another reply but i didn't like it Tongue.haha Have a good one Ishan~Marley

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Man, this is awesome stuff Marley, how'd you come up with this style? Is it monochrome then tinted? Fantastic high impact, imaginitive work.

thrax-1's picture

well i don't know about that one.There are certainly much more gifted digital artists than I *Wink*,but i am proud of my distinctiveness.I like doing my own thing,thanks again!.

valkyrie's picture

Ohhhhhh so pretty, the colours and the textures so marvelous! You are the king of digital! Smile

thrax-1's picture

oo thats encouraging to know thanks very much patrick, aah i feel good Smile

megaflow's picture

Great stuff. This is an excellent use of what the digital medium does best - it's glowing and ethereal. Fine swirling composition, too!

thrax-1's picture

haha,thanks but you may aswell,you won the last one Smile.Thank you Holger

thrax-1's picture

yea heh, i guess thats alot of peoples favourites+,Its one of mine along with kolibri aswell.Cheers S!!

thrax-1's picture

it wouldn't do to badly at all actually Tongue,thankies saad^^

mangalore's picture

Oh well, I think I stay away from this month's cxompetition... Wink

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Aha so this time i CAUGHT your update! Laughing out loud Awesomely gorgious pic. My favorite is still the hanted like green valley, but this is awesome.

Art at its best.