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Added: Oct 01, 2003
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an organic city on the planet neptune.....(inspiring description isn't it Tongue)

For a larger vrsion @deviant

i apoligise i don't know how to rename links :/.

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Guest's picture

This is magical piece, Marley.. love the overall tone, composition and atmosphere. Relly harmonic concept, great work.

thrax-1's picture

hehe, certainly logic was the last thing on my mind when painting this, infact it never really is, it is more intuition that i go on. I based the title of neptune on its colour palette. it could infact be a gateway that exist between this dimension and another (c)marley mcleay Tongue hahaha i'm sure someone will swipe this concept!. This is more about a plateau of peaceful thinking i think, than any scientific drive!. Thanks very much guest!....Marley

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This is a great painting, Marley. Just one question: seeing as how Neptune is a gas giant (or ice giant, as some call Uranus and Neptune), where on Neptune is this city? Is the landscape just a part of the city? Is it underwater, or perhaps contained in a larger floating colony? Please don't take this as any form of criticism. I'm merely curious about the world of a painting I love.

In any event, thanks for painting this. It's a captivating image, and truly inspiring for me. God bless!

thrax-1's picture

Thanks steve. I'd have to rate this piece amongst my favourites. I don't think i have captured anything as unique as this since Sad. I look upon this piece with fondness.

sferris's picture


I love everything about this. Even the shape of the canvas. Smile

thrax-1's picture

cheers, greatly appreciated danny!.

kolaboy's picture

Stunning work again =)

thrax-1's picture

Its a wonderfull planet, my favourite for its water aesthetic, and uranus (please readers no puns), they're awesome planets. thanks very much expert Laughing out loud hahaha

varian's picture

I've done a number of images of Neptune, and I'd say you caught the flavor of the place quite well. (Sure, I'm an expert!) Wink
The green light beaming through the blue mists is particularly captivating, highlighting the spired structures. Nicely done!

thrax-1's picture

Wow someone from me home town ;D. cheer. Well thanks very much for stopping by mate most appreciated, glad you like my work too.~~Marley

Guest's picture

Greetings from a local your home city.Your art is neally in another dimension.Great use of blue and gives a sense of steeping out a spaceship and seeing this! Good on ya BRO ! I could use your art someday for my music.

thrax-1's picture

Howdy tim,welcome to my world mate hahaha.thanks for all your comments,they are much appreciated,not even i picked up on the contrast you speak of,not conciously anyhow,i just felt right ^^.feel free to stop by anytime Laughing out loud.

romanweb's picture

the worlds and landscape you've created
are phenomenal. This version of Neptune takes takes the cake! The striking emerald and spiriling city scape adds so much drama to the soft, reflective scene.....
great contrast!

thrax-1's picture

Thank you kindly guest.^^!

Guest's picture

wonderful. your imagination and ability to interpret is brilliant!

thrax-1's picture

AAh yes that would be nice.just to escape from it all LOL!.Thanks very much.....again

eri-chan's picture

O_O wow......this is just so beautiful....i don't really know what else to say. I wish I could go to this place.

thrax-1's picture

i'd like to think that i will travel the solar system when i pass.or at least recreate my own world,that would be really neat!..Thankds again

Guest's picture

well, if heaven is based on our individual perceptions, this would suit me fine! gorgeous work. wish I could visit this place.

thrax-1's picture

and thanks for the greetings,this is what i like about epi and the net.I get to meet some great artists Wink

thrax-1's picture

well thanks for that compliment and a half franz.yea blues, greens,hopefully i'll have lavender in there soon Wink.I will keep it up ;D.cheerio then~Marley

franz's picture

from Austria. And, yes I think this is one of my favourites of your really excellent and creative work. As a lover of "blue" (the color) you have a lot of good stuff to view. Keep up the good work.

thrax-1's picture

heh i didn't read the message board which had a slight explanation Laughing out loud.But comments were affected also.....Thanks for the comment and visit pekka!.

Guest's picture

Hi Marley,

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated! Smile
Right, and about this picture. This coulb be a photo of somewhere in my country. It´s winter and reeeally cold. Not so beautiful as in this pic though. The mood is great in this. Good job! Smile

thrax-1's picture

well all i can say is..thank you very much,I was most happy with this piece because it flowed very nicely and i wasn't really stumped at anystage of this painting...Thats all i got to say really,Cheers J.P.

vengince's picture

All I can say is sweetttttttt

thrax-1's picture

haha! prattle away,i am notorious for doing so myself,to the point when people ignore me Tongue.mwahaha.Thank you again,i am honoured that i struck a cord with you^^.Big thanks from new zealand!

enayla's picture

'Dagon', as the movie is named (I think), doesn't do Lovecraft's world justice, actually. I think my favourite book of his is 'at the mountains of madness' (I might have the title wrong - I was only fifteen when I read it), and something about this image really struck a chord with me the same way his writing did. Eerie and beautiful, and alien in a way most artists can't pull off. Anyway, I prattle too much as usual Smile

thrax-1's picture

There isn't much stopping you from doing so holger ;P.Thank you very much m8 Smile.

mangalore's picture

Great work on that lighting! Your surreal settings are awesome, me wanna do that, too! *pure envy* Wink

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