Shapeshifter (V2) by thrax-1

Shapeshifter (V2)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 01, 2003
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I had discovered that i had various versions of my shapeshifter image saved on my hd.
1 in particular,really caught my eye,being fresh minded and all,I decided to have a little fun with it Laughing out loud.well i liked this version.

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gilgamesh's picture

Beautiful picture Marley, and an old piece did you say?! Wow, great job!
How you created the many colourful individual rays of light is fantastic.
I started dabbiling in digital (PhotoShop), but man I am eons away from doing anything half as good, if ever. I know you have to dedicate alot of time towards learning (as with any other medium), so it's double tough on me, because as you know I just started using a dip pen this year and so I'm learning on that medium as well.
Oh well your work is something to aspire to at the very least. Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

haha well thank you very much Varian. im just stunned you commented on all my works, man you should by now have some idea on how that makes me feel Tongue ahahahaha. cheers Varian!~~Marley

varian's picture

Well, there are no questions...I love your work.

Guest's picture

iye, it is very good indeed, but add more color next time, but you are getting this from a person younger than 14, so dont mind me.

ep-arts's picture

nice! Great harmony with these colors..

thrax-1's picture

hey james cheers for that.have a good 1~Marley

sporeboy's picture

Very nice piece. Delicate but energetic. Subtle coloring used to good effect.

thrax-1's picture

cheers denny!

isenho's picture

well designed man! The lights are really dynamic and everything has a nice far-out-there surreal feeling to it.

thrax-1's picture

Hi Patrick,its own personality it has,Thats why i thought i'd be cheeky and dig it out Tongue.thanks for visiting

megaflow's picture

I'm amazed by this one yet again. It really does have its own particular personality, distinct from the other version. Thanks for digging it out.

thrax-1's picture

hhm, i hope not to be using browns,they're an icky tone.water,not earth Tongue.thanks guest

Guest's picture

Hi.....^^ I liked your 1st version of shapeshifter but this one is even better...^^ what color are you going to use next? Tongue

thrax-1's picture

aww thanks very much jess!.it did shift focus.this was an earlier stage which i kept refining to the previous version.I think this is a direct result of walking through the portal in "End of Era" more power from the soul Laughing out loud.Thanks Jess~Marley

Guest's picture

This really stands on its own, with the different colors, and (I think) the emphasis shifted away from the figure to the pattern of expanding light. You have a real gift for composing color palettes that serve the mood you're creating!

thrax-1's picture

hey Caric earlier i did post a response but under chris' reply,simply because the comment feature was loading slow.heh i didn't ignore ya,thanks mate.

thrax-1's picture

yea thanks sean.i remember that comment too. well it does have a crystaline aesthetic i guess.Cool colour pallettes tend to turn it to ice no matter what Laughing out loud.Thanks very much sean for you continual supportive comments.

thrax-1's picture

bill:I am sorry my message cut off Tongue.ahehe bill ill i didn't mean it.

S*.Cheers i am always in favour of cool colour pallettes.Smile....errm Eorlingas?.

Chris: thanks very much,of course its like a little christmas present :Dand thank you for the high appraisal.

thrax-1's picture

Hi bill Wink.yea i love geoff taylors art.he is very influential.especially his first painting for "The Magician".And i do have the diamond throne series aswell,although i just cannot seem to get into it.Too samey as the balgariad.cheers bill


pageaxe's picture

When I commented on some of your earlier works I had said something about ice sculptures-this too reminds me of that.Something about the lighting and cold colors,I dont know,thats just what pops into my head:)

yrindale's picture

Don't you just love it when you go digging around and find something that makes ya just go "hmmm!" That's some damn good work Marley.

Guest's picture

woo... score. I think I actually like this version better than your other version... the cooler colors just.. do it for me I guess. *loves it* All the shine lines.. wow.... I suddenly have the urge to shout 'GO FORTH EORLINGAS!' ...

bcorbett67's picture

Nice work Marley! It reminds me of the Geoff Taylor illustration for the 'diamond throne' by David Eddings.

thrax-1's picture

heh same here Smile.It really was nice to be suprised by some older art^^.

j-art's picture

wow marley, again a wonderful work of light and color, glad you found this piece on your harddrive

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