A step in which direction? by thrax-1

A step in which direction?

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Added: Dec 20, 2003
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Well whilst going over an old technique.i found a new one!

let me know what you people think!

merry christmas to everyone at epilogue.

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thrax-1's picture

Yes they are Varian, like brother and sister, i like em both, the other for me i just appreciated tidying the textures up and making it "Lighter" again.

varian's picture

Aha, so this is the precurser to "R e made" (yeah, I know I'm visiting your gallery backwards, lol). But although they are recognizeably "the same", they are each quite different. Maybe keep both of them and hang them on opposite walls in the same hallway. Love this jewel effect in both of 'em.

thrax-1's picture

Hello Kirsi,Thats cool, cheers~Marley

kizalon's picture

This is beautiful Marley! The feel of space is amazing.. I love it =)

thrax-1's picture

haha 'hell with technique' ;D.Alright then,lovely.Thanks soo much for coming back for regular check ups X&).Thats really cool cheers J.P!.


vengince's picture

hell with technique I like it alot..wonderfully executed.

thrax-1's picture

Well some panadol might help with that headache Laughing out loud.Well i am honoured that i seemed to have captured that feeling in an anti cliche sense.Thats a really great compliment.Thanks very much Rochelle!!

Guest's picture

I feel as if I've gone into..you know..one of those labyrinthine posters where the stairs go up every direction and there are doors everywhere. You've captured that feeling without the cliché. It hurts my head!

thrax-1's picture

Mel,Uwe,Mayavan,thanks Muchly Laughing out loud.~Marley

mya's picture

More lovely work, Marley - I really like your colour choices here. Enchantingly surreal.

j-art's picture

hi marley - what shall i say what has not already been said - your art is so unique and so absolut beautiful - whatever this technique is - the result just blows me away - extraexcellent work here - my hats up to you!!!

Guest's picture

very nifty. i like it a lot

thrax-1's picture

Well Annelie,I can't thank you enough that you feel like this about my art.You make me feel like i'm famous Laughing out loud.ahaha thats a very good feeling,thanks very much annelie,have a meery christmas~~Marley

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I'm not often here... it's not astonishing, that it's THIS galery, I'm reported back to again and again ... I just noticed *smilez*

great works

Guest's picture

this is just... amazing... browsing your galary is blowing me in another world...

its simply stunning - the room the technique!

thrax-1's picture

Will do sir Smile Thank you..

bcorbett67's picture

Excellent work Marley, you really are developing a unique style of your own. Keep em coming!

thrax-1's picture

that IS a neat comment cheers Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

A tip! Start with black canvas.spray a lime green onto a new layer.as disorderly as possible,then smudge randomly for five minutes and see what you achieve with shape.Thats how i work best,thats how this was concieved Laughing out loud.Thanks for your comment kurtis.

thrax-1's picture

EASY! what do you mean Eashy?.well o.k your right,its not that difficult for me to do this.Just time consuming XD.What one has to remember is this is my passion,as is your beautifull women that you paint. continued....

thrax-1's picture

well thank you verymuch Tom.Thats very nice to know Smile
have a good christmas~Marley

niveus's picture

marley, this is so excellent, if only I could create the worlds you so easily conjure up. This is so moving and mysterious, I can feel an editor's pick coming very soon for you.

portalrun's picture

Great work Marley, I always look forward to see what you come up with...

thrax-1's picture

so if you want to get a better understanding.It's a sequential piece.to follow those other arts.Thanks jackie,i'll hopefully have a full story for this soon.if something comes to mind!.

thrax-1's picture

hah um i'll try again,seems to be a cap on how much i can post.long story short!"Midnight Valley","Solitude","End of Era" all depict a story of ones obstacles to overcome. to which "end of era" is literaly that.There is a story to accompany that piece too.Now this person has dropped his protective cloak.

thrax-1's picture

HAha,Thats cool nell.I was absolutely frustrated with the painting style i was using.Sometimes things just don't work,When that happens its time for change for me!.I wanted the randomality of earlier works.Twas all a bit of fun

thrax-1's picture

Hi rachel,its the technique i used for "Broken Shell" and"In their own world" which was a lot of smudging,accept this time i implamented of lot of layering styles.it was a fusion of all techniques i have learnt so far even before joining epilogue.It was good to get back to random smudging Smile

elven-nell's picture

Hey wow, Marely! I love this. You never fail to astound me!

Guest's picture

The architecture is very interesting and metallic looking - I'd love to know the story behind this. But as far as letting you know what I think, I like the technique. The purple and yellow highlights are especially nice in the structure.

raich's picture

Hmmm, well i don't know what technique it is, but it looks great Wink i really like the feel of this piece....makes me want to go exploring.

Art at its best.