Rejuvenescence by thrax-1


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 04, 2004
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My Entry for the "Renewal" contest

to grow young again...

The three vessels are a representation of the human body and spirit,which are being rejuvenated by the entity in the cloud..There you have it then Tongue. owell

Happy 2004 Everybody Laughing out loud.

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thrax-1's picture

Im not suprised after the cotton candy mate Tongue. YES light, it was a great feeling, there was a distinct lack of light up until here!. pheeew only 24 comments left.

varian's picture

I could drink this one...those colors, those flowing lines, the *light*! Ahhh, the light, that's what this is, all about light.

thrax-1's picture

Thank you very much jia,Flawless? heh well thanks but i dunno about that one.Thanks jia

looktorque's picture

I saw this at epi's contest forum. I regonize it's yours right away. Smile It's just beautiful. The buildings looks almost like they are generated with 3d programs, because the perspective and reflection is just so flawless. and the cloud and cracked land are just so beautiful and add an organic touch to it

thrax-1's picture

Thanks sonja,i was pleased about this effort,i left no darkness in it(well tried not to) and the result is quite uplifting personally.I might stay around here, it feels real good Smile.Thanks again...

tanarri's picture

This is so pleasant to look at. The shapes, the colors, everything's so serene and beautiful. Great work Smile

thrax-1's picture

This is great,thanks very much for visiting!.When i posted first,i left no description what so ever and was really worried that nobody would get it.So had to give at least some description when i posted,Thats when the comments came in LOL.Thank you very much christiaan Laughing out loud.

thrax-1's picture

What a week it's been for big names commenting in my galla,Thats great.Yea i was very pleased with the way the clouds turned out.I really wanted to be precise with distance and scale,so was quite happy all round.Thank you very much for your comment and visit Laughing out loud(cheese grin).

caitmf1's picture

a beautiful depiction of rejuvination; i didnt quite understand the concept looking at the painting until i read the concept of it; you work very quickly;and one thing that i like about this is the way it is painted in a very light and etheral way

babs111's picture

So many fasinating, surreal landscapes in your gallery; this is beautiful, I especially like the clouds and the sense of movement throughout the picture.

thrax-1's picture

Gosh you know that is a real compliment that you visited(broken record i know).You caught me by suprise there hehe..a genuine heartfelt thanks Smile.I'm happy to think your looking forward to my next piece! yes.Have a real good day/night! :D~Marley

camilkuo's picture

Hello! This is Camille:). Just came across you site!
You know what? Your lighting and use of colors are really great. I think you're getting very good on drawing sci-fi scenes! Looking forward for your works!Smile

thrax-1's picture

Hello Jeff,Nice of you to visit my corner Wink.Love your entry for the contest,i think you may have painted a winner there ^^.Good luck for the contest Jeff.

thejeff's picture

very nice, spiritual flow.

thrax-1's picture

Hey thats a neat comment Jess.I do try to keep people interested with my new pieces.I don't like to repeat old thoughts in my paintings.Man one year in this place has done me the world of good.Thanks so much jess,your message lives Smile.

thrax-1's picture

Yes it does kurtis,i actually have a new computer, so i am not really limited to small pixel sized canvases now.After training on an ancient dinosaur,i can certainly appreciate the freedom.My first piece with the new comp was a step in which direction btw.Thanks very much Kurtis ;D.

niveus's picture

hey now! how did I let this one slip by, this is absolutely stunning marley, your picures just bring on mood, and I love the color scheme of this one, very soft but very affective, it is oh so nice. You work just continues to grow, can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.

Guest's picture

Argh, the comment demon got me! Anyway, to continue: at the end of TRON everything gets glowy and lightfilled like this, and I thought TRON was the coolest when I was a kid, and your work is always cool too, darn I hope this all posts!!!

thrax-1's picture

AWWW noo you have a comment inhibitor too!they suck! yes i know what you mean.I love tron myself.Probably where i get my concepts for laser lighting lol Tongue.And never worry about being boring,I have always enjoyed your thoughtfull comments.Thanks very much

Guest's picture

I really should get around to saying how much I like this, but I didn't want to be boring since everyone else has already said that it's a great piece! So here's something irrelevant: it makes me think of the end of the movie TRON when ever

thrax-1's picture

;D,cheer!!thats really encouraging to know(not for contest but my art in general),i am really chuffed i was able to convey peace/serenity in a different sense, but for people to pick up on it,thats really good news.Thanks again rafal Smile.

mcf's picture

it's my favorite entry for the contest. I really like the serenity that radiated from this piece, expecially since its so "abstract". gorgeous palette as well.

thrax-1's picture

oo good one,i'm very pleased about that Laughing out loud.Thanks very much mel,have a good one Smile.

Guest's picture

I like I like. Cool shadowing and its bright. I have to show my friends. You continue to impress me.

thrax-1's picture

Thats very kind of you!Jennifer,thanks for all the comments,I hope you enjoyed your trip Smile.

thrax-1's picture

thanks Tatiana

Guest's picture

oh! contest or no, this is wonderful!

thrax-1's picture

Yes it is very light* work isn't it?.Was quite refreshing to paint actually....

fauna's picture

I like pastel colors very much, very "light" work:)

thrax-1's picture

better late than never i say,Thanks very much Uwe.Im honoured you think this is very cerebral,thats what i try to get people to do is think WHY? and ask WHY?.Cheers mate ~~Marley

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